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Are Mammograms Really Safe?
By Angelika Christie, ND
Jul 6, 2009 - 4:47:18 PM

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I often marvel at the incredible progress science has made in many areas of medicine. The unraveling of our DNA and understanding its coding, stem cell research and its mind boggling possibilities to re-grow nerves, tissue, and complex organs, including the entire anti aging research. If we think of aging as an inevitable disease ridden path into our ‘golden years’, I am all for appropriate measures and interventions to prevent this.

There is no reason why we should not live a long life that is energetic, with full capacity of our brain function to not only enjoy every moment consciously, but also be the wise old woman or man as an asset to our family, community and country. I will have a lot to say about this in future articles. But today I need to round off my thoughts about the prevention of cancer. I feel I have a responsibility to share my conviction about mammograms for screening healthy women.

I had one mammogram in my life, when I was in my thirties, and right then and there I decided never to put myself under such a cruel procedure again. More than three decades later, mammograms are still promoted as a “lifesaver”! I beg you to get the facts about this outdated procedure. Much research has been done which is available online, in medical libraries, and many reputable publications like the Lancelet where the health risks and unreliable results from mammography have been well documented. Fact is, that during a mammogram, a woman’s breast is exposed to radiation 1000 times higher than a chest x-ray. Now combine this with the incredible compression of very delicate gland tissue, and have this done every year, or even more often as I have heard from various organizations over the radio, pleading with women not to be afraid, but “just do it” possibly every six months to be sure! You could have a receipt for cancer just from this procedure. I think it is a barbaric procedure.

Ask a man if he would have his testicles compressed between two plates and radiated; he would find it preposterous and out of the question. Why do women allow this for one of their most delicate glands? They are told that they need to have this done to protect them from getting breast cancer. Around May and September many organizations get almost hysterical about pushing even young women to get their mammograms done to “prevent cancer”! Really? I call this the worst kind of brainwashing for profit. Yes, mammograms are a 10 billion Dollar business. If radiation is the best way for screening, why are smokers lungs not x-rayed every year, or any other organs for that matter? Don’t we all know that radiation is dangerous? Even Dentists protect a person’s upper body with a led apron when a tooth X-ray is taken even though exposure to radiation is low. Yet, yes, radiation causes cancer, and the more you get the higher the risk.

There are choices that mainstream medical authorities do not tell you about. One of the best ways to detect any changes that could develop into cancer is done with a non- invasive screening test called “Thermography. Women should insist to be screened only by non-invasive procedures like Thermography, and Ultrasound. This is especially true if the breast tissue is dense, like in younger women, women with implants, and women with large breasts, because mammograms have especially high false readings in this group of women. I probably have now incurred the wrath of many doctors, but I stand strong and firmly believe in what I say, because science is on my side here.

The greatest amount of money for any disease is raised during breast cancer awareness months, when you see the world turn “pink”. Pink merchandise flies off the shelves even if you pay more for the same items; you don’t care because they are for a good cause!? What exactly is the cause? Who profits from the money? More mammogram equipment maybe, more chemotherapy drugs, or they just line the pockets of big companies. What if we would demand to bring safe and effective screening to all women? The billions of dollars taken in from donations, and profit from unnecessary procedures, could buy advanced 21 century equipment; but we are stuck in the dark ages of being manipulated and mis-informed by the medical main stream. Don’t go out and blame your doctors right away; they may not know better or believe that mammograms are the traditional way to screen. Most follow what everybody else is doing, which is unfortunate. WE KNOW HOW TO PREVENT CANCER! At least you should be stimulated to become knowledgeable if you have followed my articles.

A last thought on self- examination. Women get instructed how to self examine their breasts on a monthly or bi -monthly basis. Self-examination is good, but not just once a month. All too often fear is a part of this prescribed ritual, which leads to unnecessary biopsies and radical treatments. If you are a woman who knows her body, you will see and feel changes from the norm. Get to know your body even better and just scan frequently for any changes from the norm. If you see or feel any changes, I beg you to discuss options on screening, diagnosing, and, if necessary, appropriate treatment with your physician. Next, get 2nd and 3rd or more opinions from other physicians, including alternative oriented health care providers before agreeing to any radical procedure.

In my next article I will discuss Thermography, and other high tech but safe equipment that are not only non invasive and harmless, but also amazingly accurate in showing what could be developing up to ten years before the manifestation of a disease. I call this true screening for prevention. We have a right to be treated by the oath every doctor took: “ABOVE ALL DO NO HARM”.

Dr. Christie can be reached at Radiant Health Center 242-352-1010 or radianthealth1@mac.com

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