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Did you know that Sunshine is essential to life?
By Angelika Christie, ND
Dec 22, 2008 - 5:19:00 PM

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Without sunshine all life would be extinct within a short period of time. One possible time when our ancestors were faced with threats of extinction due to lack of sunshine would have been when asteroids fell to earth during the Dinosaur Period. Enormously large objects from space would hit earth’s atmosphere, losing some of their mass, but still be large enough to swirl up huge dust clouds on impact with our Planet. The sky was soon covered with dark particles of dirt traveling around our globe, blocking out all light from the Sun. The temperature of our earth dropped so low that snow and ice crept across the land and sea until all remaining life was covered under a thick ice crust. It will happen again, but probably not in our lifetime.

Sunlight gives life force and nourishment for all of us. More than two decades ago I studied the theory of Dr. Jacob Liberman, O.D. Ph.D. author of the book “LIGHT Medicine of the Future”. An early pioneer on Light Medicine, Dr. Liberman describes the human body as a ‘living photocell’ that is stimulated and regulated by the sun. Our eyes are the receptors for sunlight’s stimulating effect on our endocrine system which governs most automatic (non willfully produced) actions like our breathing, blood pressure, body temperature, digestion and the immune system, just to name a few. We should not be surprised that people who work mostly indoors under harmful or inadequate light sources are plagued with a wide range of nasty health conditions due to a lack of sunlight, some of which are: depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, low sexual drive and many degenerative diseases, including cancer.

The sun is essential to our wellbeing. When you go out in the sun, please don’t always wear sunshades and suntan lotion because they blocks out the benefits of sunrays. Being sensible and moderate with sun exposure will protect you from the harmful effect like skin cancer. If you do not understand how important it is to have the sun shine on your bare skin, please get in touch with me and I will explain it for you in detail.

Energy from the sun, also called “solar energy”, consists of a broad spectrum of visible and invisible light. Actually only a small part is visible to us in way of colours; yes you are right… they are displayed in the magnificent rainbow. But the largest band of solar energy is in the infrared section; although you cannot see it, you certainly can feel it as warmth or heat. The infrared section is divided into three parts: The “near infrared (NIF), the middle infrared (MIF), and the far infrared (FIR) wave length. These are measured in microns (mm), which are one millionths of a meter. All infrared waves are beneficial to our body, but today I want to focus on the benefits of the far infrared (FIR) waves. The difference between the near and far infrared waves is that the NIF waves heat the surface. It means that the surface of any organic matter gets hotter. We often say: ”I need to get out of the sun, it burns on my skin”. In contrast, the far infrared waves penetrate about 2inches beyond the skin surface and warm your body “from the inside”.

This very uniform warmth produces very effective health benefits throughout your body. Spending time in the sun makes us feel great, and there is good reason for this: infrared rays stimulate many biological processes, including the release of endorphins affecting our sense of happiness and sexuality, as well as our metabolism keeping us slim and healthy. Medical research on artificially produced infrared devices, including the far infrared sauna, has gathered evidence of incredible health benefits. From healing soft tissue to detoxification on a cellular level, affecting all organs and glands, the entire body system benefits from infrared and far infrared exposure. You may remember from an earlier article on detoxification, that it is paramount to cleanse our body system regularly because stored toxins are at the core of most diseases. I hope you also remember that toxins are mostly stored in fat cells away from organs. These fat cells also contain water, and most toxins are held as toxic waste clusters in our cellular water molecules.

Let me briefly explain how the detoxification process with far infrared treatments works: When FIR waves hit the water molecules in our cells the water membrane starts to vibrate. What do you think happens next? Right…. The toxins are loosened from the waters’ grip and toxic gases and material are released. The involvement of internal heat opens the blood vessels, initiating better circulation and therefore transporting the toxins out of the body; this is accomplished mostly through perspiration. You may remember that our skin is our greatest elimination organ. The Swedish Sauna comes to mind, but actually it is not how much you perspire, but what you release in your ‘sweat’ that counts. Many people with health problems cannot tolerate heat over 185 degrees Fahrenheit, which hits your skin in a Swedish Sauna. Research has shown that the Infrared Sauna releases a much larger amount of toxins in less perspiration, and at only 135 degrees Fahrenheit it feels comfortable because the heat is released deep inside your body and not so much on your skin.

In conclusion: We can reap all the benefits from the far infrared spectrum of solar energy by comfortably resting either on a mat, or sitting in a small cabin that emits the FIR wave frequencies. Being regularly exposed to these rays is not only harmless, but also hugely beneficial for everybody. Far infrared treatments do not replace exposure to sunshine, yet can be applied therapeutically to relieve pain, heal many conditions, and even burn calories (about 900 in 30 minutes!), while stimulating cardiovascular function. It is like exercising without moving, which is great for those who have ‘no time to exercise’ or people in re-habilitation. Contact me to find out more about the numerous health and fitness benefits of Far- Infra- Red (FIR) treatment.

Dr. Angelika Christie is the managing director of Radiant Health Center You can reach her at 242-352-1010 or radianthealth1@mac.com

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