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Did you know that coconut oil is a miracle food?
By Angelika Christie
Oct 2, 2006 - 8:00:17 PM

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No? I did not know either.

When I read the recommendations of fats to avoid as listed on pamphlets in doctor’s offices, or organizations like Bahamas Heart Association, coconut oil is at the bottom of fats listed. The list goes from “best” to “worst”. Olive oil on top, coconut oil on the bottom. Hmmm…

I remember when I was handed such a list, and how my natural instinct rejected it. I agreed with the top of the list; almost everybody nowadays has heard about the beneficial properties of “virgin olive oil “. The olive tree is native to the Mediterranean region, and staple oil, which is added to almost all of their foods. With a much lower number in cases of heart disease including most degenerative diseases that plague us in our region, it is logical that it must promote good health.

But why was coconut oil so condemned?

Firstly, I have to admit, that I am in awe of the coconut tree, which, in my opinion is the most incredible tree on the face of this earth; always producing, and every part usable: food, drink, shelter, tools, utensils, crafts. You name it; the tree provides it.

Now how can it be, that its oil should be harmful to us? My instinct, or call it innate wisdom, could not agree. I had to research it; and so I did.

What I found was that extensive research does exist and ALL in favor of coconut oil. There was a period of time though, between 1950 and 1970, when all tropical, and saturated fats became the primal enemy; they where blamed for the rise in heart disease in America. They were blamed for causing cholesterol buildup in the arteries, leading to heart disease, stroke, and shortened lifespan. Yet many top researchers and doctors have written extensively about the flaws of the ‘cholesterol theory’ as it relates to heart disease. Of course, none of the fruit bearing trees that produced these oils were growing in the US. To ban them may very well have been a commercial decision.

Those of us who are considered “Baby Boomers” may still remember when: butter, eggs, and fat from meat was ‘out’. It was replaced by margarine, and hydrogenated oils from vegetable sources.

So, we should all have become healthier… But we did not.
Heart disease is now killer # 1 in North America, which includes us!

Maybe we should get back to basics; to what Nature has always provided for us, and stop trying to artificially “enhance” nature’s perfect design. Don’t count on commercial companies to promote nature; it will never happen because it is against their interest.

Now finally let me give you some facts about the miraculous properties of the coconut oil. What is coconut oil? It is nature’s richest source of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT). Most vegetable oils like corn and soybean oil are long-chain triglycerides (LCT).

Scientific research has found, and by putting it into practice, has proven the following: Fatty acids from MCTs in Coconut oil are not easily converted into stored triglycerides, and the body cannot use MCTs very well to make larger fat molecules. Research shows, that people who consumed coconut oil instead of any of the LCTs oils lost 60% more body fat. The metabolic rate was increased by 12% on MCTs as compared to a metabolic rate increase of only of 4% with LCTs. This concludes that consuming coconut oil will reduce body fat over a period of time even without reducing caloric intake.

The MCT’s in coconut oil are similar to fats in mother’s milk, and have similar nutritional effects, and miraculous healing power. Did you ever see a baby getting overweight on mother’s milk? Of course not! I found it interesting, that livestock, which traditionally was fed polyunsaturated fats, like soybean, for the purpose of fast weight, and fat gain (so they could be slaughtered sooner), was recently switched to saturated fats, because the consumer wants leaner meat.
We still mostly consume the unsaturated fats. That concludes that the pigs and cows get leaner, while we get fatter. Hmmm… makes you think!

Coconut oil is also a great skin and scalp/hair conditioner. Since it is a natural antioxidant, it protects the skin from unhealthy environments; keeping it smooth, supple and healthy. It can even be used as a deodorant, since it kills the bad bacteria that causes odor.

I would urge you to have this miracle oil in the cupboard of your kitchen, as well as in your bathroom. In the kitchen use it for cooking, and take 1 to 2 tablespoons daily for your health. In your bathroom, either mix it with your favorite lotion, or use it alone on your body for smooth, protected and healthy skin.

For best results use only VIRGIN coconut oil. What it means is, that the oil is unprocessed, the way nature intended it to be.

For sources call, or E-mail me: 359-5550 or 373-2357 (private), or at the Lucaya Age Management Institute at the Evergreen Business Centre # 2 Phone 374-5424 radiantangel@mac.com

Next week I will tell you about the most amazing (space technology) anti aging/pain relieving/fitness machine in the world, and you find it right here in Freeport! I am sure I have you curious... Have a good week until we connect again here at GBWeekly.

Angelika von Canal-Christie is a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Hypnotherapist and has studied many other alternative and holistic healing modalities. She was born in Germany, but has been a resident of The Bahamas for over 25 years. She is a mother of five and has five grandchildren. Angelika believes that we alone are responsible for our own health, and through physical, mental and spiritual discipline, plus proper medical direction and health counseling, we can live to our full potential.

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