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Don’t be afraid of Cancer!
By Angelika Christie, ND
Oct 27, 2008 - 6:13:19 PM

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Everybody has cancer cells moving through their bodies. So why does not everybody get sick, or diagnosed with this dreadful disease? Let’s investigate what stimulates cancer cells to grow and multiply out of control, invading and destroying healthy tissue.

There are five forms of cancer, of which the most common one is Carcinoma, which originates in the skin, or in glandular tissue such as the breast and prostate gland. Another type is Sarcoma, which affects the bones, muscle, fat, and cartilage. Melanomas are skin cancers, Lymphomas affect the lymphatic system, and Leukemia is found in the blood. I don’t want to scare you, but I think it is important to know that cancer cells are not just found in women’s breasts, or men’s prostate, or lungs, or colons; although those sites are most commonly discussed.

The vital question is: What causes cancer, and how can we prevent it? Cancer develops over time because of a breakdown in our immune system due to the cumulative impact of toxins in our bodies. There are toxins we cannot avoid, because we cannot see them, which are in the air, in our water, and food. Other toxins we may not be aware of are viruses, bacteria, fungi and heavy metals. Hereditary factors count only for 2-5%, so it is not significant.

But something of great importance and often overlooked is emotional and mental stress. I can sense your stress rising just from reading this, but I said not to be afraid of cancer, and I mean it! There are many things we can do to protect ourselves from this disease. I will go into some of them, but in order to turn you life around if you have cancer, or to implement a strategy for prevention, you need a comprehensive plan that, apart from your medical doctor, has to include a healthcare practitioner with knowledge in prevention and natural healing modalities and the dedication to coach you back to health.

Life is full of choices. The responsibility for your health stays with from you. Hoping that your doctor can fix it for you does not work.

Every moment your body re-acts to what you eat or inhale or put on your skin, what you think and feel, and whether you are active or lazy. Did you know that your body has a memory? Yes, it does not forget a moment of your life; everything is stored in cellular memory. You can prove this to yourself by thinking of an event from the past, one that was upsetting. Close your eyes for a moment and pick one now; then feel what your body goes through just from your memory. If it is an unresolved situation, your body reacts strongly, as if it is happening right now all over again; if it is resolved, the experience is much more pleasant. Your feelings create a chemical reaction in your body; they release either Endorphins, which is pleasant and healing, or a stress hormone like Cortisol. If stress is not released and allowed to build up, there is a great chance that your immune system becomes impaired. Now add to this our modern diets loaded with chemicals and unhealthy substances. These create a chronic state of toxicity and slow down your organs of elimination, like the kidneys, liver, lungs, skin, and bowels. Soon the weakest part of your body will break down under the toxic burden, and the disease process begins. You have no idea how resilient your body is and how much the innate wisdom of your organism fights to stay healthy and alive. But there comes a point when the “cup flows over”. You usually don’t feel it although there can be many early warning signs like fatigue, change in bowels, or anything else unusual.

You don’t have to be afraid of cancer; it can be prevented and it can be healed as long as you are willing to change your lifestyle! Don’t let your health slide so far that you may say in regret: “If I only had……” Much good can be done by paying attention to three main factors in lifestyle changes; your attitude, your nutrition and the elimination of toxic substances from your home and environment.

In my next article I will give you a list of things to do and replace in your homes. I will also provide guidance and recommendations about safe and effective cancer prevention and healing from Nature; you may even have many of the substances in your cupboards; some of the foods and spices are popular around Fall Season and Christmas.

Are you getting excited to take charge of your health and longevity? I hope so, because I salute you who is willing to let go of an unhealthy past and is ready to embrace a vibrant life with the energy to create whatever dream you have. You have nothing without your health; nothing matters more! If you are ready and committed to give the greatest gift of health to yourself, you will also positively affect your family. We lead by example!

Starting today, remove at least one toxin from your home, and make one better nutritional choice. Example: remove the Clorox, which is toxic and replace it with Hydrogen Peroxide, which is harmless when diluted in water. It’s just as effective in killing germs, viruses and fungi. Also, replace the sodas with unsweetened lemon water, or French fries and chips with fresh cut fruits and veggies. Don’t cringe! Make up your mind and then just do it! Now you are on your way to become fearless of cancer.

Call: Angelika Christie at 242-352-1010   

Or e-mail: radianthealth1@mac.com

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