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First Cardinal Sin in Nutrition is SUGAR!
By Angelika Christie, ND
Oct 22, 2008 - 4:58:11 PM

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White sugar and all artificial sweeteners are legal drugs; they are toxic to our body!

I believe that if we would stop eating processed sugar our most feared diseases would be reduced to a small fraction of what they are today. I know that is a bold statement, but I have studied the effects of sugar on the body long and broad enough to stand by my statement.


So why do we hear constantly about the dangers of fat in our diet but only little about the dangers of sugar? Do you think that it is only important to those who have diabetes or are in danger of going down that path? No, high sugar consumption is outright dangerous! Do you also believe that replacing sugar with non- caloric artificial sweeteners is a good choice? No, it’s just as horrific or worse!

Sometimes I wonder if there is a conspiracy going on between the commercial food companies and the pharmaceutical companies to make us sick; it sure fills their pockets! Don’t buy into their ever-expanding, colourful commercials telling you what is good for you. Most of us have become confused through commercial overload and brainwashing or we have become such creatures of (bad) habits that we just follow what almost everybody is doing. We learn these habits already as children in our homes and communities. If we continue along this path our children will be even sicker than we are. Are you ready to hear and consider what I have to say about sugar now? O.K. let’s go and activate our sense and natural instinct.


Did you know that about 100 years ago the average consumption of sugar in North America increased from 5 pounds per year to over 140 pounds? Can you imagine the assault on our organs with this amount of sugar? How could the delicate balance in our endocrine system adjust to that within just one century? Visualize the weight of an average adult as pure sugar! You think you don’t buy 12 pounds of sugar per month? Do you know how much you ingest from just eating bread, breakfast cereal, pasta, ketchup,

canned goods, and a host of other prepared or packaged foods?


We all know that sugar contributes to diabetes; but did you also know that it is a major factor in almost all degenerative diseases, including cardiovascular disease, liver and colon disease, cancer, and the deterioration of your teeth and bones? The list is much too long to print here, but I hope you get the idea how important it is to cut down, or better, eliminate these dangerous sugars. You must read the labels if you have to buy processed foods: 4 gr. of sugar is equivalent to one teaspoon. I compared the healthier, high fiber cereals to the regular ones and found not much of a difference in their sugar content.

The average is 13 gr. per cup. Now look at your cereal bowl and you will see that one cup is not what you eat; it’s more like 2-3 cups, and then you add milk, or soymilk, with their added sugars? Well you do the math (it’s over 7 teaspoons of simple sugar!!!)


Now don’t misunderstand me: our body needs sugar, especially our brain. In Nature there is ample sugar in fresh fruits and a lesser degree in vegetables. Most natural sugars will not spike your body’s insulin response with rapid ups and downs.

Sugar comes in different forms. Don’t feel bad; unless you studied what is behind the name, it is almost impossible to know that what sounds like a natural source can be so dangerous. For example: did you know that high fructose corn syrup is really bad for you? It sounds like it should be healthy, right? Wrong! You find this one everywhere, and others to a lesser degree in canned and packaged food, including processed fruit juices. They create havoc in your blood and liver. Corn is not a good food for humans; the body does not want it, it cannot digest it…. that’s why you see it again on the “other end”. Commercial food companies process the corn by squeezing the sugar out of it, then the sugar is processed to high fructose corn syrup. You probably ingest it every day without knowing. In it’s liquid form it enters your bloodstream quickly, spiking your insulin response. Unless you do some vigorous exercises to burn up some of it, most will be stored as…yes, FAT.


Processed sugars also make you hungry for more sugar; they are addictive. You don’t feel satisfied for long; you want more in no time.   The whole process of how the liver and pancreas are interacting to clean up the high sugar content in your blood is fascinating, but too long and complex to include it here. But still, you may get the idea of what your body has to go through to keep you alive on processed foods you ingest for energy and health maintenance. Now let me give you a quick word about artificial sweeteners, which are very controversial; so controversial that I would stay away from them. In another article I will give you more information about the most commonly used artificial sweeteners, and which ones to “avoid like the pest”! Let me just say, that 75% of the FDA’s complaints (over 10,000 customers) is about “Aspertame”, which alone has a list of 92 adverse symptoms, including death.


As a last thought, because October is “cancer awareness month”: Cancer lives off sugar!

Sugar is a much more cancer producing agent than bad fat; you can starve cancer to death (excuse the pun) by withdrawing sugar… think about it, act on it!

I urge you to demonstrate the greatest gift we have: free will, and the power to change at any time. My motto is: “change your mind, your body will follow”!


Angelika Christie ND is the Managing Director of Radiant Health Center

You can contact her at radianthealth1@mac.com


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