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Good pain and bad pain
By Angelika Christie
Sep 9, 2009 - 3:57:28 PM

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You may think that nothing can be ‘good’ about feeling pain. Although I agree that pain never feels good, you should feel blessed that this sensation may alert you to a potentially dangerous situation in your body. People with an impaired nervous system due to advanced type 2 diabetes or a severing of nerves due to an accident or other conditions that cuts off the sensory system in parts of their bodies, can attest to this. So, at times, we do need to feel pain in order to take appropriate actions towards our state of health.

As a rule of thumb: you should be attentive to the signal of pain and investigate its cause. Usually there is a site of inflammation and/or swelling of tissue, although this is not always the case, like in neuropathy. Some damage to nerves can arrive without sensations of pain; sometimes it is a tingling or numbness in your extremities like your feet, legs, arms or fingers. These early warning signs must be checked out immediately to take action against a further development of a major dysfunction, like a possible problem in your metabolism. Neuropathy with associated pain can develop in the later stages of diabetes and sometimes the onset is sudden and severe. If pain is associated with a disease, the disease needs to be addressed alongside with pain management.


Pain is one of the first sensations that we react to since early childhood; it is out teacher to stay away from what can harm us. A baby with hunger pains cries until it is fed.

A child, who touches a hot stove or fire, learns to keep a distance, or not to touch what generates extreme heat. So we learn through experience by being injured or by listening to our body instincts about what can be harmful. Mostly we just want to avoid pain. I have not met anybody who likes pain; but pain is not always a punishment for something we may have done wrong. In a healthy person, pain is an alarm system that, if it could speak our language it would say: “

Heads up, there may be a problem! “ Well we all know about toothache…there is no toothache without a cause that needs attention. If it is an inflammation that causes pain, the body is already in repair mode, which is indicated by a temperature rise in the area when the body fights against microbial invaders. It is like fever, which should not be artificially reduced, unless it gets dangerously high. If you could imagine your immune system as an army, it sends out pain signals as the first wave, after which it sends out a massive troop of white blood cells to fight the invaders. Of course, there are medical explanations about the biological processes that take place; but for our simple discussion let’s just say that all the action generates heat.

Too many of us today see pain and fever as something to be immediately treated with pain and fever lowering drugs. This is like disarming your own troops, which your body called into battle against the enemy. Can you see that a wise general would not want to weaken his army this way? You are the ‘General’ and your army is your ‘Immune System’.

Of course, it is always prudent to consult with other allied professionals in more severe cases. Just remember that whatever happens on your turf, ( your body ) unique to you; only you experience it and consequently you are also the best judge in most cases. I say mostly, because you need to know your body and trust its signals, but I also recommend consulting with others, including health care professionals, if you are unsure about what to do and to get more information and advise about your condition.


Now let’s touch on the ‘bad pain’. Although this is a huge subject, I can only give you a fraction of information here. What I want you to know first of all is, that ‘chronic pain is bad pain’! There is nothing good or slightly beneficial about chronic pain. Apart from its devastating attack on your immune and nervous system, chronic pain needs to be reduced by all and any means. Naturally, I believe strongly in doing so without harm to any organs or body systems. Chronic pain and chronic inflammations are our worst enemies because they slowly destroy the body. I believe that it is the leading cause of all age related diseases that lead to early death.


You do not have to live with constant pain, and you do not have to swallow pain- killers for the rest of you life! We all have heard about the life threatening damage to the body that is done by continued high doses of pharmaceutical prescription drugs to control pain. Fortunately there are other very potent, but compellingly harmless measures to alleviate pain and inflammation. One of these is applied with devices that emit micro frequencies in the electromagnetic fields of your cells. Since your body is basically energy spinning at different frequencies, a therapeutic devise like the ‘Ondamed’ can bring your body back into balance by inducing the right frequency into cellular tissue that is inflamed and out of balance.

The result is less, or no more pain because the body had been given a chance to heal itself by re-tuning its energy. Just think of an orchestra that is out of sync; there is painful discord. Your body systems play like a symphony together. When your body is healthy, it is in sync with all systems. When your body is sick, it is out of sync and in painful discord. Re-tuning your body brings back harmony. Energy medicine does this in a new and incredibly gentle but effective way.

There are other ways to complement energy medicine. Some of these are supplements, herbal remedies, physical manipulation, homeopathic remedies and others.

All these, including pharmaceuticals, should be part of a comprehensive healing system that includes mental and emotional support. I also highly recommend you explore Meditation, Yoga, EFT, Hypnosis, and personal counseling to explore in order to live your life free of pain and disease.



undefined undefined Angelika Christie ND is the managing director of Radiant Health Center

You can reach her at 242-352-1010 or radianthealth1@mac.com


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