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Salute to Love
By Angelika Christie ND
Feb 12, 2008 - 4:30:47 PM

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To you who are deliriously happy...... may you remember and hold that feeling in your heart when the passion fades. It is just the beginning of the most powerful and significant journey of your life; the greatest teacher to self awareness. When you are in love you may be attached to a particular condition or a person. Be aware that you set yourself up for a roller-coaster ride through disappointments and fear of losing what you believe you have.

I wish for you to arrive at the understanding that love resides within you and is not conditional. I salute you for setting foot on this path. It takes courage to open to love because you let go of protecting yourself; you become vulnerable. You will need this courage to transcend the need to be loved into self love and happiness for no reason. Yes, happiness for no reason is true happiness, because it is not conditional. It is available to all of us, you don’t have to search for it, it can not be found outside of you, it is within you and just needs to be unveiled and realized.


To you who look at your partner and wonder what happened to excitement and spontaneity in your lives together. If you are in desperate expectation of  how you want your partner to behave, you may be disappointed once again. This often starts a conversation in your head with a ‘phantom’ (your partner) about how things should be, and that you should not have to wait for this or that to happen. At the end you feel sorry for yourself and may close your heart to love. Don’t do it! I suggest you create your own momentum. Surprise your partner by taking the initiative. Create a special evening, surprise with an unexpected embrace, a smile, being agreeable where opposition would have been the expected response. Surprise your partner with unconditional love, and you will surprise yourself how deliciously easy and empowering this was.


To you who’s relationship ended, who carry pain and sadness in your hearts because love is still there even though the relationship has gone wrong. If you loved with all of your being: body, mind, and soul, and opened yourself fully in all of your vulnerability, but you had no control and could not hold on to the relationship, know this: Between the layers of pain and sadness you will find the most beautiful gift. This gift is having experienced the power and beauty of love, it becomes imprinted into your cellular memory where it is part of you forever. Be gentle with yourself and see with great awe the depth of your emotions; hold it like a precious gift in your heart and over time it will mature. You will love again, or this beautiful energy will be used in another way in the future. Always stay open to love. Do not close your heart. Until you know where to channel this beautiful love energy, transmute it into deep gratitude for having experienced and lived love. 


To you who are still waiting to be loved.... realize that nobody can love you more than you can love yourself. To the degree that you honour your uniqueness and lovingly step fully into your life, you will become a beacon of radiant energy that may just attract the right partner for you.


If you can keep your own company lovingly and without judgement, your chances for a harmonious partnership is almost guaranteed. If you are needy, you most likely will attract another needy partner; this is how co-dependencies are created. You don’t want this. It is not a healthy relationship because it is based in fear. Fear is the opposite of love. We all carry fear within us.I believe it was introduced very early in our childhood when we experienced the first separation from our mother. Our innocence could not understand this event. Throughout our childhood and all stages of life, we are still confronted with separations and disappointments. No wonder that it is easy to hold fear in our memory. The lesson is to move from fear to love. It is the most important task in our lifetime. Become aware of it, and every time you experience the sinking feeling of fear, stop and consciously chose love. Practice, practice, practice....and you will uncover and make love the leading energy in your life. Then all things are possible.


To you who have lost a Loved-One due to a tragic accident or a natural passing over to the realm of Spirit, you may feel alone and disconnected. Although your pain will always occupy part of your heart, there is happiness for you too. I know how hard it is around holidays and special occasions; the loss is felt even more. You may want to just hold yourself in your emotion without trying to deny it, then gently move into gratitude for what you have shared together. All the special moments are gifts that you have forever in your feeling memory. They are real and a blessing for you. Transmute your sadness into gratitude and find another outlet for your love energy. The most important person to love and hold and cherish is YOU. Now it is your time to discover other layers of your uniqueness and personality. Take your time and have your closest friends and family close by. But have only those around you who do not want to change you, but hold you without interfering in your own process. On the other side of pain there is love waiting to be re- discovered. When you have arrived at being  happy for no reason, you have come off the train of suffering.


Happiness is not bound to any condition; it is always within us.


The brilliant Ramana Maharshi said:


The end of all wisdom is love, love, love.”


In the end all worthwhile philosophy comes to the greatest truth of all:


Loving and serving yourself and others is the key to 

fulfillment, happiness and inner peace.


Working together in partnership we can realize our dreams and discover our purpose.

Loving unconditionally will help to create an environment of health, peace and prosperity  for all. What you think, what you say, what you do will create your reality and effect everybody; it will create either peace, or chaos in our world. 


Choose love, and only love.


Angelika Christie ND


Angelika teaches seminars and workshops frequently at Radiant Health Center

Check the calender at TheBahamasWeekly, or call 242-352-1010

E-mail: radianthealth1@mac.com 

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