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Short and Intense
By Angelika Christie
Oct 17, 2006 - 7:57:18 PM

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I am talking about exercising here! Does the following conversation sound familiar? It goes like this:

I know I should work out…I have to loose this weight…I start next week…
And on and on it goes; good intentions, but nothing happens. Then there comes a certain feeling of guilt, because your internal voice keeps reminding you of your promise to yourself. Now often a strange thing happens; you start a new conversation in your head, defending yourself against YOURSELF with excuses about: lack of time, or other pressing issues that prevent you from exercising.

And so the procrastination continues, creating a vicious cycle of repeating this over and over…until you get so fed up with yourself, or the nagging inner voice, that you believe you NEED a quick fix. You go on extreme diets, maybe even swallow pills that offer “miraculous” results. You can only do this for a limited time, and then, usually, the binging, the weight, and the frustration with it return with a vengeance.

Do you feel how even reading this pulls down your energy; the memory of these struggles often brings back old feelings of dis-empowerment, guilt and defeat.  Even with the ‘best’ excuses, the fact is that everybody has the same amount of time available: 24 hours a day. That’s it, not less, not more, yet we are all fighting against the clock, regardless whether we try to finish our daily “to do list”, or try to squeeze in a trip to the gym.

So the question is: How do you manage your time? And that’s where the GOOD NEWS comes in, even with limited time you now can have a great whole body workout!

So what is the secret to staying in top shape on a busy schedule?
It is NOT a 20-minute circuit-training workout! You will be amazed, that the secret is based on fundamental principles, incorporated into “Space Age Technology”, and we have it now available in Freeport. Are you curious yet? 

With the arrival of the “POWER-PLATE “we are now able to work out with the least amount of time to the greatest benefit for ourselves. You see, I don’t say just our bodies, because the benefits of working out on the POWER-PLATE does so much more than just exercises your body; it improves your whole bodily system, including bones, tissue, and the endocrine system which regulates your hormones. But wait, it gets even better; measurable benefits start already after 90 seconds on the Plate! I would recommend though 10 minutes on, 5 minutes off to start with. You see, you only actually spend 30-60 seconds per set on the Plate; it is that powerful!  Who cannot afford 15 minutes of their time for the following benefits that are solidly backed up by scientific research?

  1. Increases muscle strength, particularly fast twitch muscle performance
  2. Increases fat burning process and rids you, or significantly reduces, cellulite
  3. Stimulates collagen, resulting in tighter, more beautiful skin
  4. Stimulates human growth hormone (HGH), IDF-1 and testosterone production.
  5. Facilitates lymphatic drainage
  6. Improves cardiovascular and circulatory response.
  7. Enhances balance, flexibility, and stability (fall prevention).
  8. Significantly increases bone density (osteoporosis prevention or treatment)
  9. Neuromuscular stimulation and enhancement.
  10. Pain reduction (promotes healing after accidents or surgery)

 I sure want all of this. Wouldn’t you? Points 2 and 3 alone would make this machine a women’s “best friend” (next to diamonds, of courseJ)

How can all of this be achieved in such short sessions, you may ask?

Here is what it is: It’s a three- dimensional whole body vibration machine
Here is how it works: The mechanical vibration triggers between 30 and 50 involuntary muscle contractions per second (you work out without a conscious choice). Our muscle cells and tissue, stressed by vibration, automatically contract in response. We all have felt the odd sensation when a Doctor tests our autonomic motor system by gently hitting below the kneecap; the leg jumps without in direct response. The Power Plate works with the same principle with different levels of Hz (from 30 to 50) and low, or high frequencies.

Why did I call this device “Space Age Technology”? Because it was developed in Russia in the 70’s, for their Space Program. Their “Cosmonauts” were able to stay 3 times longer in Space than the American Astronauts. The whole body vibration technique kept the Cosmonauts in top shape; they did not lose muscle strength, bone wasting, or other degenerating effects, which happen rather quickly in zero gravity in outer Space.

The Russians have used this technology also on their Athletes. Do you remember their athletic superiority in the 70-80’s, which was so visible at the Olympic Games? It took a long time until Europe and, just lately, the U.S. caught on.  Now more than 40 elite U.S. medical, rehabilitation and athletic training facilities use the Power Plate.

For all of you Team Sport fans out there, your favorite team probably trains on the Power Plate as well. Oh, you want some names? Miami Dolphins, Raiders, Buccaneers, Titans, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets, Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, Anaheim Mighty Ducks, Ohio State, Notre Dame, USC, and UCLA, to name just a few. 

But back to us “normal” folks, with all of our little problems and complaints about why we can’t do this or that due to ailments, pain, or stiffness in our bodies, or just plain excuses for not having enough time. The advanced vibration technology in the Power Plate may become your greatest tool to achieve your best body inside and out. From gentle workouts to vigorous intense training all the benefits are achieved. No need to sweat (I like that), no need to shower afterwards, no need for fancy gym outfits (unless they add to your self image). Just same comfortable pants and flat shoes with rubber soles is all you need to step on the Plate and have fun with it. Yes, it is fun; everybody I have seen on it smiles, or giggles.

Having studied and researched many scientific papers on the Power Plate technology and it’s applications, including controlled study results, I am in awe how a relatively simple principal, after having been  tweaked to perfection, has created such a powerful, yet safe, comfortable, and user friendly device.  These are good vibrations… so, “shake me up Baby”! Getting in shape has never been so easy and so much fun for the fit, and not so fit; for the ailing person, unable to work out the traditional way (with debilitating conditions such as Arthritis and MS or Parkinson) to the baby boomers who want to stay healthy and young forever. Now these individuals can increase and improve in overall fitness that they may not have been able to achieve through conventional means, enhancing their quality of life, and potentially extend life with joyous activities due to a healthy body and mind up to an advanced age.

To find out more about the Power Plate you can go online and type in your browser: www.Power-Plate.com   A lot of information, and animated demonstrations can be viewed. You can also call me, or E-mail me for a demonstration and 5 Minute test drive. My E-mail: radiantcouncil@mac.com
Ph: 373-2357 or 359-5550 or at “Lucaya Age Management Institute
Ph: 374-5424

Next week I will tell you about another “miracle gem” the stuff that life is made of; the enzymes, their important functions, and “systemic enzyme therapies “. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions

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