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The sweet kiss of death
By Angelika Christie
Sep 14, 2009 - 3:03:06 AM

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Yes, this is what ignored and uncontrolled diabetes is. Recently I saw a TV commercial for a diabetes- testing device. The actor said, and I paraphrase: “When my doctor said I had diabetes, I thought: that’s all it is? And I was relieved”. Well I could not believe what I heard, but it made me aware of the casual approach toward diabetes, which is rampant in the Bahamas. Most people do not want to speak about their cancer, it is scary and may signal a death sentence, yet diabetes seems to be a more casual condition. It is not!


If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and ignore it, you are in a high- risk category (up to 80%)for the following fatal diseases: heart and kidney failure, and stroke. Other debilitating diseases include: retinopathy (which is the shriveling up of tiny blood vessels in your eyes, leading to blindness), neuropathy, which is nerve damage that does not only affect your hands and feet, but can spread to other areas like your bladder, intestines and sex organs, impairing their function. Ulcers of the foot and leg that do not heal due to an advanced diabetic condition have to be amputated. Not a pretty picture! I don’t want to scare you, but you need to wake up and pay attention to this hideously spreading disease that can be controlled but better has to be prevented with every effort.


Prevention is so paramount because there are many stages, or warning posts, that show up in your body before the final diagnosis of diabetes can be made. Do not wait that long!

I speak mainly about the preventable Type 2 diabetes which amounts to 90% of all diabetics. You can prevent diabetes, even if it ‘runs in your family’. It is all about your life style. This disease does not exist in areas where people live off the land eating unprocessed food, being physically active and have a sense of purpose. So you can see that Type 2 diabetes is totally connected to our so-called “modern lifestyle”.  


I read a story that may sound ridiculous, but is actually true: A man went to a doctor because his heartburn became unbearable. He was sent home with a prescription of Tagamet, which controlled his condition. On his next physical check up he was diagnosed with high blood pressure, for which he got a prescription of beta-blockers and diuretics. A year later the man visited his doctor again complaining of depression due to impotence that resulted from his medication. His doctor started him on Prozac for his depression and corticosteroids for his swollen and tender joints, which sent him into full-blown Type 2 diabetes. A few years later the man started passing blood in his stools and was diagnosed with colon cancer. What could have become a different outcome for this man? If anybody would have cared to ask a simple question: “What is the cause of these conditions?” He was a man with poor “on the run” eating habits, under a lot of stress, no exercise, obese and suffering from many side effects of excess medication. Now he has a life threatening health condition that could have been prevented.


Do you recognize a bit of you in this story? If you do, it is critical for you to seek comprehensive advice and care. Diabetes is not just testing your blood sugar regularly and taking you insulin shots, but it is equally important that you follow a strict diet and exercise regularly, which helps you to lose weight, and take the nutritional supplements that will improve your condition and overall health. The care and confidence of a qualified Healthcare professional who is knowledgeable in natural remedies is very important. You may also profit greatly through instruction on the practices of meditation, yoga, mental imagining, EFT or any other modality that supports your mental, emotional and spiritual health.


For all of you who are overweight due to lack of exercise and good nutrition, lack energy, feel stressed or depressed; write down for at least one week what you eat and do for relaxation. Sometimes we get so used to our day- to- day lifestyle that we don’t recognize the dangers anymore.


Here is my prediction: If you are overweight or obese and eat three meals, each with at least one simple starch like: potatoes, grits, white rice, pasta, white bread, crackers, Danish or cake, and drink a sugary beverage like juice drink, soda or Vitamalt, you are in danger of Type 2 diabetes. If you do not exercise regularly, often feel stressed and regularly lack a good night’s sleep, your chance for the disease increases. Although food is top priority in your fight against diabetes, you can almost guarantee to never get this deadly disease by some simple rules: 1.Your determination to improve your lifestyle. 2. Losing weight in a healthy way. 3. Eating wholesome food with a low glycemic index value. 4. Knowing the proper ratio of macronutrients for your specific type. 5. Drinking clean water at the amount that your body weight requires. 6. Getting at least 30 Minutes of brisk exercise daily. 7. Laughing often, forgiving yourself and others, and having a zest for life, no matter what. And last, but not least important: supplement your food with the appropriate vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids.


Please look out for my next article where I will go much deeper into exactly what to do and what to take in way of nutrition and supplements to either prevent or improve your condition with diabetes, maybe even reverse it. Yes, it has been done.

Angelika Christie ND is the managing director of Radiant Health Center

You can reach her at 242-352-1010 or radianthealth1@mac.com


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