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Why I love Recession!
By Angelika Christie, ND
Oct 15, 2008 - 5:53:36 PM

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Before you declare me crazy, take the few minutes to read the entire article. I think it is pretty clear that we have slipped into what looks and feels like a recession. The common reaction is one of fear, complaint, anger, and blame. And so we have an environment of negativity, anxiety, stress, and crime.   Whining and complaining does not change anything; so what can we do?


There are only two energies within us that create a whole lot of emotional reactions; they are love and fear. In a recession the Fear-Energy is in charge, which creates all the destructive and negative emotions we battle with. It’s exhausting, disease producing, and does not turn things around.   Maybe you can already understand the connection I am trying to make between recession and love? If fear weakens you, then love, being the opposite of fear, must give you strength. And that is precisely what we want to achieve in times like these.


I will give you a number of reasons why you should love recession: You may ask what all of this has to do with health. I have committed to writing a health related article every Monday for the next twelve months. My commitment to you is that I will not lie to you, but shake you up a bit now and then by pushing the status quo off its rigid post. There is just too much confusion and misinformation about health out there; I will do the research and also speak from my own wisdom and heart. My wish is to give you insights and tools so that you are stimulated to take responsibility for how you think, so you will feel empowered to act with conviction and strength.


Just like our economy is in decline, so is the state of health in our country. Now is the time to use the recession as your “wake-up call” to bring about change.


Look at everything you do with new eyes; questioning rather than resigning and accepting lack. You may not be able to change an outside situation, like a recession, but you can look at your habits and change that which is not appropriate anymore into what serves you better. With this comes a fresh energy of taking charge rather than feeling victimized; feeling powerless will eradicate your health faster than “fast food”!


What can we do to bring a positive energy into recession and improve our state of health?

Look at how you spend your time and money. Where can you conserve and where can you be more generous? We are creatures of habit, and sometimes we do not even know what we do. Remember the 2004 hurricanes? We were all forced into conserving. At that time water, electricity, and food were scarce and precious. A recession asks for similar attitudes; not out of desperation, but joyful resolve.


Here are some pointers: Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. Take shorter showers. Don’t use the dishwasher, or if you have to, stack it well and only use it when it’s full. Turn off lights you don’t use. Turn your air conditioning to 78 F, or better open the windows if possible. Turn the water heater off when you are away for a few days.


Make fewer trips to the supermarket and don’t zigzag through town; plan the most efficient route. Leave the car at home for short distances, or car pool with friends and family. Walk more; use a bike if appropriate. All this will cut your energy bill.


Dine more at home; cock larger amounts at a time and divide into portions, freezing them for later consumption. Cut your meals in half! Most people in The Bahamas eat far too much per meal. Use smaller plates, don’t pile up your food and don’t go for a second helping! Did you know that too much food ages you quickly? What about alcohol and tobacco? Stop smoking and cut your alcohol to the occasional wine or beer. Use less detergent; don’t buy the newest throw away cleaning utensil. Make your own cleaning detergent with white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide; it costs pennies and will prevent you from inhaling toxic fumes while cleaning just as well or better! This and many other conserving habits will cut your grocery bill considerably.


Spend more time with family, friends, and in the community. Playing and laughing is still the best medicine, and it’s free. Find out what your hidden gifts are; you may discover a totally new you. Be grateful for everything in your life; it is your best health insurance.


When you become more aware of what is really important in life and make more time for that, your stress will melt away. Most of my tips will also allow your body to shed some unwanted fat, rejuvenate, and add healthy years to your life. Wouldn’t that be great?


As I said, this is a wakeup call. I don’t really love recession all that much, but it is definitely an opportunity to rethink our lives and take positive action. It is a time to strengthen our resolve, which will make us healthier and more resilient.  It is a law of physics that we attract what we think of and focus on. Ask yourself: what is it that I want to attract, for myself, my family, my community, my country? Take a moment now to focus on that, and then hold on to it. Any negativity would negate your positive thought; don’t let that happen! Then, when the economy turns around, we have a better appreciation for the added comfort and choices we will enjoy again.


I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces around town!

Angelika Christie ND is the Managing Director of Radiant Health Center

You can contact her at radianthealth1@mac.com


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