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My angel wore lipstick and perfume
By Robbin Whachell, Editor, The Bahamas Weekly
Jun 13, 2014 - 8:40:31 AM

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It was a typical evening  in Grand Bahama Island in the early 2000s. I’d met up with friends for drinks at Count Basie Square.  It was a hot sultry night, one where even the slightest breeze felt like a kiss from God.

I was in survival mode. Survival mode because I’d been dealing with a separation, which was a pretty big deal when you are living in a country where you are a foreigner. I had just finished working for Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean II and III, and I was trying to sort out my next move.   Surviving as a single mom with four children, amid the nastiness and pain of separation and divorce was taking its toll on me.

I was totally stressed out.  I did not want to move home to Canada as my ex lived on the Island and I wanted my children to be near their father.  I also was in love with the place, and that was reason enough to fight to stay.

A male friend in our group that night brought a guest along with him who was new to the island, staying at a rental in the gated community he lived in.  She was a blond and attractive American woman. I remember her very tanned skin, her eye makeup, her lipstick, and her ample cleavage; but I cannot remember her name.

She and I began talking and I openly shared some of my struggles, easy when someone is a ‘stranger’.  She listened intently and then said, “Can I tell you something? You may think I am crazy, but the angels talk to me…”

I told her I had no problem hearing anything ‘the angels’ had to say.

She then got very quiet, and I recall how very pensive I became. Then she calmly said, “The angels say that you are to start the paper. Everything will be okay, just start the paper.”

I thought, “The paper!?” as I could not understand the message. I knew I was not going to work for the island newspaper, The Freeport News.  I thought surely these angels had me all wrong or mixed up.

I took her message home with me, wrote it in my journal, and I never saw her again.  I forgot about what she said for quite some time.  I don’t even know if she ever returned to Grand Bahama, but today I see her as one of my life’s angels.

Like so many messages from above, they often don’t always make sense until some time has been put between them, and you have a look back – a reference. Today her message makes total 100% sense!

‘The paper’ is TheBahamasWeekly.com, of which I am editor and co-founder.  At the time I met this angel, I was already writing and sending out a weekly  email newsletter I’d created called “Freeport Announcements.”  I just hadn’t put two-and-two together when she said ‘the paper.’  She’d said, “I see pages and pages” and in my mind I was thinking ‘print,’ and it totally confused me.

It was only within months after that night, that I partnered with David Mackey to produce GBWeekly.com and within a year we created TheBahamasWeekly.com. Now ten year’s later and even though I’m living back in Canada, I am still working the news and events of The Bahamas from here.

Angels come in all shapes and sizes, and messages (signs) come from a variety of sources. It’s trusting that guidance along the way, and believing in your own dreams until they can unfold, as you may or may not have, imagined them.

“Miracles occur as involuntary effects of a loving personality, an invisible force that emanates from someone whose conscious intention is to give and receive love. As we relinquish the fears that block the love within us, we becomes God’s instruments. We become His miracles workers.” (A Course in Miracles)

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About the author: Robbin Whachell is a publicist, writer, photo-journalist; and co-founder/ editor of one of The Bahamas' leading news sites, TheBahamasWeekly.com. Ms. Whachell is a successful entrepreneur and pioneer in online marketing. Aside from being a recognized media personality and community builder, she is known for her networking and social media skills, and has a background in information management and film. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Skype, or via her website, RobbinWhachell.com. Reach Robbin by email at Editor@thebahamasweekly.com

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Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
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