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The Quickening...
By Robbin
Nov 17, 2006 - 4:37:20 PM

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Life seems to be speeding up or is it just me? How is it now almost the end of the year? The quickening…if you are like me, super busy all the time, you begin to appreciate the special moments in life all the more. Those moments when you feel God is holding you down by the shoulders and saying, “Stop and breath! Take a moment and just BE!”

Besides being a busy mother of four children, much of my time is now spent keeping the content of Gbweekly.com coming in. I spend so much time sitting at this computer. It is amazing how much time can pass when you are in front of this screen, answering emails, writing, or doing research on the Web. My life has changed so much over the past few years, and I really have to reprimand myself and say, "Robbin take a break! Get away from the machine and get some exercise"…da more me sits in front of da ting, da more me butt widens!

But really, I have noticed just how much time I spend sitting here and it bothers me at times. We are a new breed on earth using this marvelous tool, but we are also guinea pigs. I am sure there are all kinds of new disorders coming up with the prolonged use of the computer. Studies will be done, data collected. We are part of this process. We won’t know what we have done until we get there, but the ‘there’ keeps changing at such a fast rate! We’ve gone from mailing letters or phone calling one another to the constant use of the computer further enhanced by instant messaging, VoIP phones, as well as palm held devices so we can always be in the flow, always on! But what about our sanity?

I want to share some things I do to keep my sanity, or how I take one of those ‘breaks’ that I am certain I need. And of course, getting away from work or the computer is best. Nothing beats getting out in nature, or exercise and breath. But, if you are tied to a timeline or not able to get away, I have some suggestions.

Recently while visiting a friend’s home, I heard a lovely chime sound coming from his computer. I asked, “What is that?” and he said that it was a
‘mindfulness clock’ and then he went on to explain it. Basically you install the clock on your computer and throughout the day the chime rings at random. At these moments it is a time to stop, breath and tune in….giving yourself a moment to be mindful, or a moment to check yourself and either be grateful for life, or remember the true value of living. I use this all the time now…and sometimes I may be in the middle of a busy reply, or working on some writing that someone is waiting for, but I do indeed stop, and give myself that short break. I love it!

Another wonderful way to break from the stress of the computer or the stress of life comes ironically through the computer as well, and that is through inspirational video. Perhaps you have received some of these wonderful messages through emails. They are Power Point presentations where you click through wonderful messages and visuals, or they are actual videos that you click and sit back and enjoy. Here are some of my favorites that I watch whenever I know I need a break from the stress of everyday life:

The May you be Blessed Movie

The Interview with God (then click “View Presentation”)

People the world over are using the power of the Internet to affect positive change. This is exciting to me as it shows the power of positive thought as well as shows that each of us can affect change. Here is a new concept that a friend just shared with me:

The Oneness Minute

And saving the BEST for the last: Wisdom Flashes are becoming very popular and I think they are first class inspirational clips that provide positive-thought-education as well. There is a whole series to choose from, from a wide range of motivational speakers, teachers and authors. The music and imagery is phenomenal, and the words inspire.

Wisdom Flashes from ConsciousOne

So friends, even though the computer seems to be taking over our lives, it can also provide that break we all need. Sit back, relax, click and enjoy!

Comments or feedback are welcome: robbin@thebahamasweekly.com

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Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
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