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Kareem Mortimer: Perfectly Imperfect
By Kareem Mortimer
May 1, 2015 - 2:15:39 PM

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Whiplash (Rated C) plays daily May 1-7th at The Island House Cinema at 6:30pm Unfinished Song (Rated B) plays daily May 1-7th at The Island House Cinema at 8:45pm

Perfection is the most uninteresting thing to me as an artist. I am more interested in the process of getting to perfection. The journey is the most important part of the process, the bumps, the false starts and perceived disappointments. The journey is probably the most imperfect moment, but it is the one that contains the most beauty, as it is where growth happens. So to me, maybe in a way imperfection is perfection.

I am in the process of closing the financing on my feature Cargo. Cargo started in earnest in 2011 after Wind Jammers and Children of God were released commercially within a month of each other. An investor that was keen to fully invest in a project that involved the topic of human smuggling approached me. This was the perfect situation except one caveat-I did not have a script and at that time was not interested in doing a social issue film. It would take an entire eighteen months before I would complete a script. During that time, I focused on editing, producing three feature length documentaries, making art, getting married and developing the short film Passage.

In late 2013, I delivered the script to the investor but at that time his focus had changed; he was no longer interested in financing films and suddenly we were without a backer for our film. For a few weeks I wondered if I blew my “perfect” opportunity. I really thought we did. Everybody said it and those who did not say it—felt it. Now I know, I had not; this was not the journey we were to have.

What seemed like a straight path from one feature to another was a three-year journey into growth and evolution as a person and an artist. Now, I am in a much better place to make this film than I ever would have in 2012. I am in love with this story and feel such a responsibility in telling it right and have the dynamic board of Best Ever Film, the wonderful ensemble cast and my experience as a film buyer at The Island House Cinema. None of these things I had in 2012.

This week at the Island House two characters in two films face the sometimes difficult and painful road to keep up with an illusion of being perfect. In Whiplash, Miles Teller plays a drummer at a conservatory in which his instructor uses verbal abuse and intimidation in search of the perfect musician. In the comedy Unfinished Song, Terrance Stamp discovers the transformative power of music when his wife is stricken with cancer and his seemingly perfect life is shattered. He then sets out on a journey that is heartwarming, sweet and ultimately one that brings happiness.

No journey is perfect and in my opinion that is just wonderfully perfect.

Whiplash (Rated C) plays daily May 1-7th at The Island House Cinema at 6:30pm

Unfinished Song (Rated B) plays daily May 1-7th at The Island House Cinema at 8:45pm

Reservations must be made at The Island House at 242.698.6300

Email: cinema@the-island-house.com

About the author: Kareem Mortimer is an award winning filmmaker and artist who has completed several films including Children of God, Wind Jammers, Passage, Float and The Eleutheran Adventure. He is the President of the production company Best Ever Film and is the curator of the film program at The Island House Cinema, a boutique 48 seat theater in Western New Providence dedicated to showcasing the best in independent, foreign, art, Caribbean and Bahamian film. He is also in development of the feature film Cargo.

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Films, Finance and Fine Arts - Kareem Mortimer
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