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The Quality of a Person’s Life is Determined by the Quality of His Relationships
By Pastor Cedric Beckles
Dec 10, 2009 - 2:26:12 PM

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When one thinks of a quality life, almost invariably, money, possessions, and status are some of the things in the forefront of ones thoughts.  To some extent the things mentioned do add a significant measure of quality to ones life, but beyond this the non-tangibles essentials needed to bring ultimate qualities to ones life can only come from healthy relationships.

Do relationships matter and are they impacting?  Unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships are stressful, peace disrupters, sleep inhibitor, emotionally exhausting, physically dangerous (abusive) and mentally disruptive, all of which contributes to physical ailments.  On the other hand, healthy, functional relationships bring stability, joy, happiness, emotional and physical connection, sense of wellbeing, enhance self-worth,  and contentment just to name a few. 

Are you aware that persons who are sick and have healthy significant relationships increase their chances of recovery?   Many of the maladjusted of society have lived or are living in an arena of where unhealthy relationships are the order of the day.  At the end of every school term, the reality of the impact of relationships manifests itself.   Children grades are directly impacted by the quality of the relationships in their homes.  

When parents get caught up in their personal issues which lead to fractured relationships in the home they must remember it is negatively impacting the child.  Yet some of these parents have the audacity to punish the child for falling grades not realizing that their actions contributed to the results.

Relationships are important and impacting.  My experience has been that people have very little knowledge about the dynamics of relationships, and that most people want change to occur for their relationships to improve, but the change must come from the other person. 

How are your relationships impacting you?    I believe that relationships give a taste of heaven on earth, or a taste of hell on earth.

Editor's Note: Pastor Beckles will be writing a new column for The Bahamas Weekly on relationships called, "Relationships Matter".  We welcome him as our new columnist!

About the author: Cedric Beckles is a pastor, family/marriage counselor, motivational speaker and writer, who equips people  to establish and maintain healthy relationships.  Email bahamaslifeministries@ yahoo.com Tel: 242-352-5268   Fax: 242-352-5252

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Relationships Matter - Cedric Beckles
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