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Golden Girls - Golden Knights - The Golden Dorsett
By Luckner Timothee
Apr 10, 2013 - 10:59:03 PM

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The author holds the young fruit from a Dorsett Golden tree.

In 2000 four Bahamian women rose to the height of capturing Olympic Gold and today they are respectively known as “The Golden Girls”. Thirteen years later, the national pride was once again boosted when four Bahamian men captured Olympic Gold in an astonishing fashion and today they are respectively known as “The Golden Knights”. Both of these parties are forever instilled in Bahamian history.

You may wonder why am I discussing this matter The Golden Girls, The Golden Knights since this is a column pertaining to gardening? Don’t worry there is a connection... well sort of!!

As you know my column is mainly orientated to gardening and I like to focus as much as I can to all things Bahamian first and foremost! You may wonder what is the “connection” between our Olympic Gold victories and gardening? Well the connection is the gold or golden!

So my loyal readers let me introduce you to The Dorsett Golden.

I am excited to write this and give my input on something that is another national pride and it goes by the name “Golden Dorsett.” Now I will admit that most farmers here on the island know nothing of the Golden Dorsett Apple I myself included it wasn’t until a chance meeting with a really awesome farmer here on the island Mr. Leon Cooper.

Both the Golden Girls and the Golden Knights have an epic biography but the Dorsett Golden has a bizarre but monumental beginning of its own. The introduction of the Dorsett Golden actually started approximately 700 miles away in New York City by the purchase of Mrs. Irene Dorsett whom brought it back to New Providence in 1953.

It is assumed that it was the Golden Delicious that was bought in New York but no one really knows. However, due to purpose it was planted at the right season one seed germinated six years later which sprang forth the Dorsett Golden. Much to the surprise of Mrs. Dorsett! In 1964, William Whitman, originator of the Rare Fruit Council International and Bal Harbour realtor at the time discovered the tree and took scions back to Miami to propagate and distribute this variety under the name Dorsett Golden.
After a few years Mrs. Dorsett’s gardener cut it down presumably during its dormante stage and that was the end of The Dorsett Golden, well at least the original tree, but the graft cutting was cultivated and continues to this day.
Some lil facts

There are a few things to know about Doresett Golden. It pollinates well with the Anna variety so you will need two trees to grow this particular tree.  You will need a lot of organic matter for this plant but most people seem to want to use chemical fertilizers, which is your choice but as it stands today organic seems to be the best way to go. Also remember to remove fallen leaves and limbs as often as possible keeping the area clean will help prevent fungi and apple tree diseases.

Prune the Tree annually. December is the best time when the tree is dormant. This is a great addition for home owners here in the Bahamas and in Florida where it is really tough to grow apple trees in the hardiness zone 5 –  9. Seeing this apple up close brings nothing but sheer joy because I can see what this apple tree can do for the economy in the financial straits that we are in right now. If an island like Andros with its massive landscape was to put but a general effort into growing this the apple we could very well have a serious contender here, because not only can we label it as place of origin from the island of sun, sand and sea it would be an expectation of wonders. The flavor would be different. If grown organically, it would bring in millions of dollars seeing that apples have been the most popular fruit for years.
But isn’t it interesting that while we are promoting agriculture hardly anyone seems to be mentioning The Golden Dorsett, an apple that originated right in the capital of The Bahamas?

Bibliography: http://www.cloudforest.com/ wiki/Dorsett_Golden

About the Author: Luckner Timothee is a backyard Farmer in Grand Bahama since starting his garden a few years ago he has wooed his friends with his produce and creative farming ideas. He continually learns from his friends and family about the process of farming and the struggles that a farmer goes through daily. He is now working on a Web show called “Let’s Grow Bahamas” to be released on “Grand Bahama Backyard Farmers”. He is attending seminars in order to meet other farmers around the world and to further his knowledge about Farming. To contact Luckner Timothee email him at: bahamasfarmers@live.com

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