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Let's Grow Bahamas October Almanac
By Luckner Timothee
Oct 18, 2013 - 6:49:36 AM

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The author in his garden

October is usually celebrated at the end of the month with costumes and parties to bring out the scary side of our imagination. But you can start your celebrating a bit early if you know what to plant for the month of October.

The Grand Bahama Backyard Farmers Community is pleased to release, with much anticipation, the new growing list for this month of October so that you can start your burial early and get some young healthy crops in this season. 

October is ideal for potatoes, parsley, radishes, turnips, cabbages,  lettuce, leeks, carrots, beets, tomatoes, onions, beans, cauliflower and the really bitter lettuce “Endive” that belong only  in my smoothies. I had so much fun growing “Endive” last season, but did not enjoy them in the least, simply because I didn’t know how to use them wisely. Live and learn! 

Here is some advice for the younger folks that are just beginners. For this one I will site a concept that has been pushed by one of my heroes of farming lifestyle, Mr. George Washington Carver, who was a genius in teaching farmers in the South about how important it was for them to practice the art of crop rotation. That theory is still practiced today by many backyard farmers and forgotten by so many industrial farmers.

That advice stays strong because it works: Remember that if you planted tomatoes or certain crops like cabbage, that depletes your soil, so try to remember to utilize crop rotation in your garden. It may not have instant results but in the long haul, it pays off.

Try planting potatoes, peanuts or beans because they are great in adding nitrogen to your soil. Nitrogen (N) for those that don’t know is one of the elements that the soil cannot do without, so getting it naturally would help you wean off chemicals altogether, because within nature, everything has a purpose. 

So enjoy October and what she has to offer, because this is the month we finally begin that journey towards food independence.

About the Author: Luckner Timothee is a backyard Farmer in Grand Bahama since starting his garden a few years ago he has wooed his friends with his produce and creative farming ideas. He continually learns from his friends and family about the process of farming and the struggles that a farmer goes through daily. He is now working on a Web show called “Let’s Grow Bahamas” to be released on “Grand Bahama Backyard Farmers”. He is attending seminars in order to meet other farmers around the world and to further his knowledge about Farming. To contact Luckner Timothee email him at: bahamafarmers@live.com

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