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Columns : Investing in You - Glenn S. Ferguson Last Updated: Feb 6, 2017 - 2:32:04 PM

Prostate Cancer - Which Choice Would You Rather Make?
By Glenn S. Ferguson
Sep 13, 2010 - 2:06:29 PM

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"Good Health Is No Accident" – Dr. Robin Roberts, Bahamian Urologist

Recently I was privileged to participate in Doctor’s Hospital’s distinguished lecture series, as well known Bahamian Urologist, Dr. Robin Roberts presented on the topic “The Healthy Male: Forty Years Plus…And Doing It All”.  A presentation that every Bahamian man and boy should have an opportunity to experience.

Early on it looked like a ladies affair but the men eventually showed up and benefited from an informative, frank and open presentation on men health issues.

As I sat and listened it seemed like déjà vu. You see it was almost eighteen years ago that Dr. Roberts helped my son Rashad, by reconnecting his urethra, which was accidentally severed during a life changing surgery, and now there he was sharing information that was vital to possibly extending my life.

While you may not have the “genes” that ensures long life, from Dr. Roberts’ presentation it was clear that you are your own worst enemy.  You are the ones doing the best you can during the first half of your lives to shorten the second half of your life.

Yes it is “Your Lifestyle not your genes” that determines your health. Dr. Roberts premise was that most of the diseases that affects you later on in life are the result of choices you make and that “poor health was no accident.” Therefore  “good health is no accident!” but predictable based on your habits - the result of little things you do each day.

While Prostate cancer was what everyone wanted to hear about, it was very enlightening and astonishing to learn that men were leading the way in deaths in fifteen categories of preventable diseases.  Including High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Obesity (65% of Bahamians are obese), Strokes and Cancers.

All because of our lack of daily attention to lifestyle and nutritional choices couples with our image of what a real man is.

Dr. Roberts pointed out that our society depicts a real man as:
  • one who is tough and displays no pain;
  • one who does not cry;
  • a lover;
  • one who does not go to the doctor and certainly
  • a real man “don’t take the finger!”

It seems that men are taking better care of their cars than they do their bodies. Ensuring that your cars are cleaned daily and serviced regularly using only the very best parts and lubricants money can buy.

And if you hear a noise that is unfamiliar, you seek out help in determining what’s wrong - this same attention is required by your body, the most important asset you have.

You should see to it that you:
  1. Exercise daily,
  2. Watch your food intake daily,
  3. Avoid smoking and alcohol,
  4. Monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol and
  5. Get regular medical check ups
Because the price you pay for not doing so may be not only your life, but your love life!

You see, as you get older your body begins to show signs of what you have done to it during your younger days. It show the neglect and poor choices you made in not eating properly, not exercising and not checking with your doctor regularly by taking from you the thing you most cherish - your ability to perform.

Your poor choices early in life causes you to now have to decide between taking your high blood medication and maintaining your virility, and in most cases you know which choice wins!

However, if you take small step today, realizing that you have the power to make the nutritional and lifestyle choices that would reduce the occurrences of certain diseases later on in life, you will find that you won’t have to make that choice.

Dr. Roberts’ presentation made it clear that a man’s virility is a function of his circulatory system and the deprivation of blood to any part of the body result in problems. So it’s important for you to realize that matters of your heart matters everywhere - you don’t have the same liberties as women.

The second apparent thing is that you have a gland that does not stop growing so the longer you live the larger it gets and the larger it gets it cause problems with your circulation. This gland is the Prostate.

Therefore, as you get into your forties you need to begin paying more attention to your prostate. By visiting your Urologist (male gynecologist) so that its growth can be monitored. This involves a two-step process.

Firstly, there is the (PSA) test, which is quite simple and easy to do, as is least invasive, but not a very accurate test of itself so it is always better to do it in conjunction with a digital exam (doc uses his finger) which allow the prostate to be felt.

Unfortunately, according to Dr. Roberts, Bahamian men are waiting until the prostate has outgrown its space and creating circulatory problems before seeking help.

This is a deadly mistake as seven out of every ten men waiting this long cannot be helped. The earlier the growth is detected the sooner treatment can begin and the more likely you are not to develop prostate cancer.

So today take a minute and seriously consider these questions.
  1. Am I doing what it takes to protect my health?
  2. If not, why aren’t I doing what is required of me to protect my health?
Your Creator has promised you 70 years and say to each you that you can have another 10 years if you do what it takes - “by reason of your strength.”

I hope you would realize that your health is your responsibility and it is also up to you whether you will enjoy a disease free. So which choice are you going to make?

Got a question about your financial or retirement planning any question at all go ahead and just

Copyright ©  2001 - 2010- Glenn S. Ferguson

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Investing in You - Glenn S. Ferguson
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