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Six Lies About Retirement That You Better Not Believe
By Glenn S. Ferguson
Feb 8, 2011 - 1:44:18 PM

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As we continue to talk about "Retirement's Dirty Little Secrets and Lies... And what you can do about them."   Another very startling point about the new retirement is that there are some six lies that relate to the old retirement model that you had better not believe.

Retirement Lie # 1- Retirement is a time for winding down 

Whatever you do don't go into retirement believing that retirement is a time for winding down. No way. Retirement is a continuation of life or a whole new life of opportunities. And that is the way you have to approach it.

Retirement Lie # 2 - Retirement is the end of work 

While Retirement carries the expectation of
  • Stopping work
  • Lots of leisure
  • And living on your savings. 
If this is what you're thinking then you are in for a big surprise as that is not what retirement is – it is not the end of work.  In fact as much as 76% of retiree find that they must work because they can not afford their retirements.

So don't get that notion.  But what you want to do given that you will be starting retirement earlier, is to make work a choice you make and not one that you are forced to make.  And if you plan to work you will then have the opportunity to enter the work force on your own terms.

So it is important that you develop the skills you have because retirement may just be the time that they pay off big time.

Retirement Lie #3 - You have plenty time to plan for Retirement

If this is your feeling let me assure you that retirement will sneak up on you like a windscreen on a bug. And before you know it you will be in retirement.

This is why you can not afford to procrastinate. If you do you will find yourself regretting like 80% of retirees are today.

Retirement Lie #4 - Happiness in retirement is all about money

And I' m sure you feel this way given the way most retirement planning sessions are conducted.  Addressing only one aspect of your life, the Financial part. 

But Is that enough?

While money is important it takes:
  • Retirement goal setting
  • Financial planning and
  • Preparation
Not just money to ensure that your retirement is satisfying.

Retirement Lie #5  - Retirees is based on age

This may have been popular with other generations of retirees  but it doesn’t apply to the majority of today’s retirees. And it will not apply to you.

Therefore you had better not believe is that this critical life decision to retire is based simply on how many birthdays you have had, your company's policy or the availability of an attractive severance package. These have Nothing to do with the current or future substance of your lives. 

And This is why so many retire, only to be tired, depressed or dead within a relatively short time.

You want to be able to control when and how you retire and that should be at anytime you choose to do so.

Retirement lie #6 - Retirement will be the same for everyone

Well the new picture is clear: retirement is no longer “one size fits all.” And there four very different types of retirees. And people each of these groups have very different attitudes, outlooks, concerns, and ways of living their retirement years.

And the more prepared you are will determine which of the four faces you wear in retirement. Bringing up to Retirement Third Dirty Little Secret  - “Retirement has killed more persons that hard work ever will!”

So you have got to be sure you’re not only retiring from something... But retiring to something

Be sure you get my special retirement training video - "Retirement's Dirty Little Secrets & Lies... And What to Do About Them" It's free so go head and get your copy.  And when you do join my VIP list and continue your retirement education and empowerment

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Glenn Ferguson is a Speaker, Coach and Syndicated Writer, helping you to painlessly take control of your money so that you can own your pay cheque again to create wealth for you and your family. Email to: glenn@ financialcoachingwithglenn.com  Web site: www. financialcoachingwithglenn.com Tel: 242-327-2453   Fax: 242-327-2456

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Investing in You - Glenn S. Ferguson
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