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Columns : Coaching for the Workplace - Kaylus Horton Last Updated: Feb 6, 2017 - 2:32:04 PM

By Kaylus Horton, Path™ Coach
Oct 25, 2010 - 10:38:51 PM

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Have you ever watched or/and listened to children count down for something? Wouldn't you say that they just seem to really enjoy counting down, especially when it's time to shout BLASTOFF?

Today, I invite you to count down with me the number of weeks left in the year 2010, shall we try it? 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 , BLASTOFF! To children and adults there is a shared expectation that something should happen at blastoff.

What would it be like if on December 31, at 11:59 and 59 seconds you shouted "Blastoff" to mark the completion of 2010 goals? 

What goal is outstanding, with intentions to start and accomplished? Consider those goals that procrastination won the upper hand by shifting your focus in another direction or maybe your time was consumed with addictive and non-productive habits.  It very well could have been that you reached your personal limit and would benefit from being recharged and inspired to commit to the end.  Just do it!

What goal is incomplete, and in your control?  Consider those goals that were started but were not were completed, perhaps due to boredom, fear, time management or interest or a mere reluctance to strive for something that you are not certain you can achieve. Use your authority to make it happen.

What goal is pending but in someone or something else's control? Perhaps all that may be needed to clear the way is a telephone call to inquire about the status of a project, request or tasks. Perhaps your task requires teamwork, a temporary alliance or a barter of skill and resources. Ask, and seek for what is needed.

What goal is to be deferred to 2011? Consider those goals that are trailblazing, cutting edge and may be a bit head of its’ time. Perhaps more time is needed and personal and professional development is necessary to prepare for its’ pursuit or, or maybe spiritual, physical, social and financial changes enhancements are needed for the goals realization and maintenance.

Be diligent and persevere!

What goal is to be canceled? Interest or need has diminished; priorities and values have been reassigned, or perhaps who you are and what you envision as your future self has been re-defined. Don’t be discouraged, canceling does not mean failure, it the wind has shifted while you are sailing the high seas, then your sails will have to adjust accordingly if you intend to sail on toward your destination or wherever the wind will take you. Be flexible as you move forward.

Allyson Lewis in her book The Seven Minute Difference, Small Steps to Big Change says that pursuing goals related to your personal success will typically advance you closer to achieving your professional goals. (paraphrased) 

Will you prepare to have a successful, joyous and fulfilling blastoff?  Hint! The first step is re-commitment.

If you could benefit from experiencing a one on one coaching session to evaluate where you are and where you want to be, know that I am only an inbox away.

Until our next,

Kaylus Horton 
Associate Path Certified Coach

Copyright @ 2010 Kaylus Horton

Kaylus Horton is a Path™ Coach, who helps people get clear around the who, what, when and how of their agenda.

If your workplace would benefit from a coaching workshop in relation to this article or otherwise, please call Kaylus at + 242 376 7215 or send her an E-mail at coaching@renaissancebahamas.com to dialogue about how best to serve your agenda.  Specialties for the Workplace includes agendas centered around vision, priorities, values, strategic planning and goal setting, alignment, excitement, commitment, support and creativity.

For more information about Kaylus and her coaching services visit www.renaissancebahamas.com

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Coaching for the Workplace - Kaylus Horton
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