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If Your Company Closed its Doors Today, Would You Be Relieved, Sad or Surprised?
By Kaylus Horton, Path™ Coach
Aug 16, 2011 - 12:23:46 PM

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This morning as I read an article published by Marshall Goldsmith, noted Executive Coach, Author and Leadership Expert, I was moved by its perspective and thought to share the highlights with you. Based on his experience with asking the question “ If your company closed its doors today, would you be relieved, sad or surprised” he defined the surface meanings of the emotional responses:
  • Relieved ~ perhaps you are in the wrong job doing the wrong thing. This opportunity will give you the out that you have wanted for some time but may not have had the courage or faith to take for yourself.
  • Sad ~ perhaps you may be emotionally tied to the company. It maybe the place where you find your greatest worth, meaning, life and significance.
  • Surprised ~ perhaps may think that such a thing could never happen as you may believe that your job, skills and the company are indispensable OR that no change or trend could adversely affect the workplace’s position.

    I would like to share three responses learnt from my own coaching experience: 

  • Angry ~ perhaps you are dependent possible too financially dependent on the workplace to meet your basic needs. You may feel like life’s ladder would have been kicked out from under leaving you dangling from the ledge of a sky scraper waiting to be rescued with no help in sight.
  • Betrayed ~ perhaps you are a loyal associate.  You expect transparency, uphold truth and want to be respected and absolutely loathe being taken for granted.
  • Disappointed ~ perhaps you maybe vested in the company’s mission, vision and goals and really looked forward to their realization.  You may be left to ponder the likelihood that without the company’s goals and maybe having none of your own, what would be your reason for getting out of bed each morning.
  • Frightened ~ perhaps you may not have created a rainy day plan for your life OR the thought of not knowing what is coming or what do to next, creating a new routine and living a new way of life evokes paralyzing fear.


For those of you who may believe that the reality and consequence of this question is highly unlikely I ask you to take a trip down memory lane with me.

Do you remember Smith-Coroner and their Typewriters? How shopping at Woolworths or Burdines? Who remembers Pan Am, TWA and Eastern Airlines.  How about bringing it closer to home for those of us who reside in The Bahamas, specifically on the island of New Providence, do you remember the days of the Stop-N-Shop, Mauras, G. R. Sweeting, The Shirley Street and Sun Shine Twin Theatres, Nassau Beach Hotel and Howard Johnson Ice Cream Parlor on Cable Beach, the Holiday Inn Hotel on Paradise Island and Pepsi Cola and Barcardi Companies.

Just recently I read an article about the impending demise of Borders Bookstore. As I type stores around the United States of America are being closed. As one their loyal customers I expected Borders to be around for a long time serving my reading and music needs.  

*** Let’s consider what it would be like if your response to said question was:  

  • Optimistic, peace or contented ~ perhaps you may realize that though involuntarily a time, season in your life has ended.  This moment could very well be a new beginning to consider those dormant or nagging dreams of all other things and passions, places and groups, vocations and industries that really ignite and inspire you, and can cause you to experience a great sense of fulfillment. You may have great faith and confidence that all will be well regardless of the circumstances surrounding you.  You may accept that it is what it is, though sobering facing the truth of what is may inspire you to not mourn but find joy in what remains and what can be.

Would YOU benefit from being coached to be more prepared and comfortable to respond by saying Optimistic?  We are here to serve you through our coaching programs that may help you transition toward life a more balanced and fulfilled life.  http://www.renaissancebahamas. com/Coaching_Programs.html  

As always your comments or reflections are welcomed. Email your feedback to me at coaching@renaissancebahamas. com 

Coaching you forward,

Kaylus Horton

If you believe that YOUR workplace can benefit from having this article customized into a consultative coaching workshop, visit us at http://www.renaissancebahamas. com/Consultative_Coaching_ Workshop_Workplace.html to learn more about how we can partner for greater success. 

Kaylus Horton is a Vision Coach, who facilitates learning and discovery for focus and direction. She is the Principal of Dialogues a Division of Renaissance Group of Companies. 

Copyright @ 2011 Kaylus Horton

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Coaching for the Workplace - Kaylus Horton
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