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Crime Analysis 101
By Gamal Newry
May 4, 2010 - 5:11:13 PM

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Have you ever wondered why some stores are selected and others are not when it comes to robbery and stealing? Maybe it is random selection,? I think not. You and your business have been targeted and for the most part, your actions or in-actions create on a daily basis opportunity for criminals to steal and commit robbery. It may be a harsh pill to swallow but really the blame for your business being targeted and robbed is partially your fault.

On numerous occasion we here the police giving tips on how to set up your store or business, where to place the cash register, limiting the amount of cash that is on site or reducing the amount of advertisement covering the windows. Unfortunately this advice goes in one ear and out the other for the sake of increasing the potential for a sale and making the shopping experience more convenient.

Really, the question is, are these recommendations sound and will they actually work? Well first, as I have said numerous times in this columm, security must be seen as a multi-layered initiative and no one method or strategy can work in isolation. There is no sense in fortifying your front door with the best locks when your back door is made of composite wood.


When giving lectures on crime prevention I regularly ask my audience questions that attempt to heighten and increase their awareness. It also helps them by answering these questions to realize how much in control they really are. By allowing the participants to become crime analyst of sort, I am better able to assist them in developing strategy for protection that is more real and personnel to them. I remind them in these discussions to not use the media as the only measuring stick, especially when it comes to crime that affects them directly. In many instance the only reliable measuring stick is what is happening in their own neighborhoods and industry. You too can participate in this exercise and answer these questions.


Note these questions make no reference to the police response time. How long will the matter take before it is disposed of before the courts, and how long will the suspect be incarcerated? Those questions speak to another area of crime prevention that requires a collective approach to have these responses and wait times reduced.



How would you rate the current crime trends in the Bahamas?


High                 Medium              Low


The crime rate in the Bahamas is not exclusive to New Providence and thus all the Family Islands must be factored in. Too often we become Nassau Centric and believe the country lives and dies by New Providence. This questions begs the reader to step out of their reality as their community may be facing high instances of crime but in Salina Point, Acklins crime is only heard about during the evening news



What is the crime rate where your business is located?


High                 Medium              Low


This question brings the reality of crime closer to home by asking you to give a count of the number business in your shopping center / mall / plaza / are being robbed etc.



What types of business are experiencing high crime rates?


Retail          Wholesale     Food Service        Corporate Entities        Banks       Web Shops         Hospitals


Some business types have a very low possibility of violent crime because of what they do, while others are very prone to violent events.


Has your business been victim of crime?


Yes / No


If crime has not touched your business for whatever reason there may be several reasons as to why. They can range form location, operating hours, honest staff, etc.



Where are violent crimes occurring?


Home                Work                Play


This has a lot to do with location but also business type. More times or less it has to do with perception and the


When are violent crimes occurring?     


Morning           Day                  Night


Weekdays         Weekends


Knowing when or have a good idea to when you or your business is vulnerable is very important. This information can help with the allocation of the necessary security measures at the appropriate time. Too many instances exist where insufficient tactics were in place to deal with the threat.


Who are committing these offenses?


Men                  Women


Adults               Teens

If you know who the most likely suspects are you can better defend against them. This may sound like profiling, maybe it is, but the real question is it necessary. The difficulty lies with balancing your ethics with your survival





There are possibly thousands of motivating factors for why one commits crime. Your consideration regarding this should be left to the criminologist and the court if the person is caught. So don't worry too much about motive at this point.

Simple questions that you should take a moment to think about, as the answer of which will play an important part in what you do. Essentially it is the first and in my opinion the most important part of any crime prevention strategy. It is my opinion that reducing crime is not rocket science, but rather a simple look at causation factors and reduce the opportunities for them to happen.


Easier said than done you may say, but if you have taken the time to answer the above questions you have taken the first step in this process. Does this process alone make you an expert? No  I am only trying to help you organize your experience. This approach I hope will assist you in selecting the appropriate counter measures to reduce your exposure to crime.



Gamal Newry is the President of Preventative Measures, a Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Training and Consulting Company, specializing in Policy and Procedure Development, Business Security Reviews and Audits, & Emergency and Crisis Management. Comments can be sent to P.O. Box N-3154 Nassau, Bahamas or, email gnewry@gmail.com or visit us at www.preventativemeasures.net

Stay Safe, Stay Strong
Be Safe, Be Strong

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Preventative Measure - Gamal Newry
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