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Loss and Crime is Relative
By Gamal Newry
Sep 22, 2009 - 3:38:42 PM

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During a self defense training session this morning I had to deal with a recruit who we will call Jeff. Now Jeff was stronger and more aggressive than his partner who we will call Peter. As the various drills were given out I observed how Jeff would throw and toss Peter around the floor as if he was a rag doll. On the other hand the when the rolls were switched unexpectedly the rough and aggressive response was not given. Jeff’s action became more aggressive to the point where I had to step in and admonish him, about his action, which in my opinion equated to abuse.

However in Jeff’s opinion he was not doing anything wrong, as he felt that he was in control and stressed the fact that Peter was doing the same thing. Jeff’s perspective is what he operated on, thus he made a decision to act accordingly. If this action was not checked the end result could have been injury.  We are observing various behaviors in our society that for whatever reason are going unchecked, they are being allowed to fester and grow. Compounding this is that what we believe is unusual, dangerous and unsafe based on our norms and culture is not necessarily the case.  We are seeing before us the evolution of a very different Bahamas. The sleepy island has awakened and its perception of the various risks against its survival is being met head on with the same violent and aggressive force.  

Unfortunately, those of us who hold fast to now ancient and historic beliefs are not taking the necessary steps to reduce the potential for large scale loss that may result from our inaction or disregard.  We prefer to sing and hold pray services as our attempt to pacify the eruption around us. Not good enough, so sorry! Agreeably pray can move mountains, but who is going to move if everybody is down on their knees praying.

Now we all will have our own way of managing the events be they loss or criminal in nature. Who is to say which is the right way or as some would say reasonable. One thing for certain is that choosing not do something or ignore the event is action within itself. The time is past in my opinion for peace rallies and pray that are not backed or supported by specific actions to change behavior.  The change in behavior is not limited to the would be criminal, but more importantly in my opinion this change is for us who are at risk.

How do we reduce the risk of loss and crime? Risk too is relative to culture, location, time of day, and individuals or organization being exposed to the threat. Thus what we perceive as crime risk is not recognized in the same way by the police.. When I speak of the police in this instance I speak regarding the organization not anyone individual. There view in many instances becomes perplexing as it appears that they take a very nonchalant approach to conditions that we believe to be extreme.

Just as Jeff’s actions to the untrained eye may be seen as ‘horsing around’ the trained eye see’s him taking advantage of a perceived weaker partner and abusing that relationship. But again this too is relative as Jeff also stated he was reacting to a threat, and rather seek assistance of the authority figure, me in this instance he decided to resolve this issue his way.

Is Jeff wrong for this or is he just acting the part that he has so efficiently been taught over the last 18 or so years. Can we blame him or any other individual completely for actions that essentially have brought theme this far in life. No we cannot, but we as a society must take some part of the blame, and no incarceration and hangings cannot be our escape.

It is a falsely to think that we can live in a society free of crime and loss, both event types have been with us from time began. Loss is associated with the removal of cherished possessions or people and crime relating to the means by which the event occurred. Baring in mind that all crime is loss but not all loss is crime. For example loss resulting form a hurricane, floods and other naturally occurring events are not crime. However loss from stealing, rape and murder is crime. Many work related incidents such as extended lunch hours and tardiness are also loss events. 

We must also consider that crimes such as driving without proper vehicle inspection or licensing are also crimes but because they are seen major threats to safety they are regularly disregarded. But as the story described earlier if go unchecked they create a breathing ground for more serious offences. What can be done about either, do we give up hope or do we press on with the ensuing battle. Unfortunately we cannot completely remove ourselves from any of these occurrences, they will happen in one form or the other. With that said we must now develop preventative and preparatory measures that we might adequately deal with them as they occur. This is and has been the premise for my writings, to recommend solutions to the challenges of crime and loss that may present themselves.
As the crime level is on the minds and some instances have affected the hearts of many it is only appropriate address these issues and provide realistic solutions to this dilemma. As it pertains to loss events this is a bit more complex, thus preventative solutions that are keener to management styles will be suggested. A no rules society that is free from defined crime; some have dared to say is the way to go. This survival of the fittest mentality would take us back to ‘uncivilized’ and chaotic times, very similar to the times we are living now here in The Bahamas.
Gamal Newry is the President of Preventative Measures, a Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Training and Consulting Company, specializing in Policy and Procedure Development, Business Security Reviews and Audits, & Emergency and Crisis Management. Comments can be sent to P.O. Box N-3154 Nassau, Bahamas or, email gnewry@gmail.com or visit us at www.preventativemeasures.net

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Preventative Measure - Gamal Newry
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