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Self Defence vs. Vigilantism
By Gamal Newry
Dec 16, 2009 - 11:55:48 AM

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When does one lose the right to defend themselves or as a matter of fact the life of another?  The answer is 'NEVER', When is your life in danger or the life of another..., their are 2 answers to this one. The first being at the moment you feel that your life is in danger, during this period only you can make that decision, no one else. No law can be formed our voted to determine this life or death experience. It is hoped that you are rational enough and emotionally sound to be able to know the difference. The second answer is determined by a court, not even the police can make this determination only the court who will listen to the facts as you present them and the opinion of the so called experts police, doctors, and witness etc.

Self Defence is the immediate if you do not something you will die situation, where as vigilantism is the lets go find them and get them situation, very different indeed. To place this term with the conditions of self defence, is to say the least ludicrous and uninformed. This is like saying that your child is choking, and saying "Wait, let's call 911", or your house is on fire, call 911 and wait. These events require immediate and appropriate response, just like self defense. Do we tell the cutlass swinging, gun to our head attacker wait let me call 911. I think not.

Calling 911 is endorsed and fully supported, never the less it is a delayed response that will have an effect several minutes or hours after the event, depending on police, ambulance and fire availability. Lets look at the time line, call is placed to 911, call is then placed to the appropriate responder, they have to get ready, set, and then go. After going they have to travel, the time of which can only be estimated and dependent on traffic and distance. Upon arriving they once have to find out what has happened or happening and then they decide the appropriate response. These factors are understood and accepted however, during this time my house is still on fire, my child is still choking, and oh yea the cutlass is stilling being wield...hopefully they have have not pulled the trigger.

Gamal Newry is the President of Preventative Measures, a Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Training and Consulting Company, specializing in Policy and Procedure Development, Business Security Reviews and Audits, & Emergency and Crisis Management. Comments can be sent to P.O. Box N-3154 Nassau, Bahamas or, email gnewry@gmail.com or visit us at www.preventativemeasures.net

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Preventative Measure - Gamal Newry
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