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Let the Church say “Amen”
By Pastor Allen
Feb 13, 2013 - 12:10:49 PM

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The Church (The ekklesia, ek-klay-see'-ah); Not the building / structure that’s owned by a Religious Leader or a denomination; but rather the called-out saints, a community of discipline believers (disciples) that will boldly say “Amen”  to that which God / Yahweh has said and is doing.
When you say “Amen” in a service you’re actually saying “So be it, or so let it be” in other words you’re coming into agreement with what has been said.  I’ve sat in services where the speaker spoke a whole bunch of nonsense that by no stretch of the imagination lines up with God’s word and then asked the church “Can you say Amen?” and guess what the people said?  That’s right, they said “Amen”

Ignorance is no excuse; it’s imperative that we who name the name of Christ / Messiah close the door on the spirit of ignorance and begin to do as the Apostle Paul admonished his spiritual son Timothy, so that when we do say “Amen” we’re saying “Amen” to that it lines up with God’s word, line upon line and precept upon precept.
Here’s what the Apostle Paul said to Timothy:
2Tim.2: 15.  Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
Andre Crouch wrote / composed and Marvin Winans sang the lead of the song “Let the church say amen” but here’s the most important part of the song “God has spoken, let the church say amen”
If you’re not one that studies the word of God, one that don’t have a genuine relationship with Him, you don’t converse / dialogue with Him; how would you know His voice thereby enabling you to say “Amen?”  
Here’s the sad truth that’s within and among the church today; many persons don’t study the word of God for themselves, they rely solely on whatever their Religious Leader tells them and wholeheartedly say “Amen” It’s from this premise that enemy / Satan builds and launches a successful attack against many of today’s Christians. The failure and refusal to study the word of God will forever render a person powerless to rightly divide the word of truth.  One can have head knowledge and obtain theological training about the word of God; yet without the infilling and leading of the Holy Spirit, a genuine working relationship with God is void. Or in other words it sounds something like this (Knowing the word of God, but not the God of the word).
When and wherever a genuine working relationship with God is void; the spirit of manipulation and witchcraft is inevitable. There’s no doubt that many church leaders have given into the spirit of manipulation, witchcraft and control; but nonetheless each and every sound thinking person has a personally responsibility to study the word of God for themselves. Take a hold of these words of encouragement as you work on your relationship with God / Yahweh.
Prov.3: 5. Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
: 6.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
In most cases where many Christians find themselves consistently struggling and stressed out in various areas of their lives; if the truth be told, this struggle and stress emanates from emotionally and physically acting upon the wrong information they’ve received.  The misappropriation of God’s word is just as harmful / dangerous to the believers walk, as is the right application of the word to the kingdom of darkness.
My Brothers / Sisters, gone are the days of trying to please everybody; you need to hear and receive the unadulterated, uncompromised word of God; the TRUTH, if you’re believing to be set free from the spirit of bondage that’s holding you hostage (spiritually, financially, emotionally, etc;).
John.8: 32.  And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
Think about this!
You believe God for a financial breakthrough, you’ve been sowing seeds of all kinds / amounts; you’ve attended conferences after conferences, you’ve purchased and to this very day are being asked to purchase another Religious Leader’s book on kingdom Blessings or Prosperity.  Don’t you think it’s about time that you stop, and seriously ask God for wisdom and guidance as to your next step / move?
Please hear me!  The financial seeds that you may have sown no doubt would be a blessing to the ministry or person that received it; on the other hand if you’re sowing emotionally and ignorantly (Not Spirit Led), you’ve sown like the person play the Lottery; you’re taking a chance and hopping / wishing that your seed produces an abundant harvest.
Now, here’s one of the lying religious defense that an emotional, ignorant financial sower would use if ever asked or questioned about their sowing “When I sow my seed, I don’t do so with the expectation of getting anything in return”  Such statement / defense within itself further displays the ignorance of the person making it.  And it’s this level or kind of ignorance that the enemy and crafty, ulterior motives religious leader preys upon.
In the natural, there’s not a farmer who sows seeds and doesn’t look for and expects a harvest in return; if he / she does, then it’s only fair to say that such farmer is not wise (ignorant).
It’s time for the church to awake from the sleep and slumber, it’s time that you begin to rightly divide the word of truth; and it’s of the utmost importance that you know what you’re saying “Amen” to.  If the scripture (2Tim.2:15) says “Rightly divide the word of truth” then it’s only fair to say that the word of truth / word of God can be wrongly divided.  
Don’t be afraid to test, try and prove the words that you’re hearing; to see if it’s actually God’s word or that of another.
1John.4: 1.  Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
Let the Church, say Amen!
For questions and comments contact us via E-mails:pastormallen@yahoo.com or kmfci@live.com  or 242-441-2023
Pastors Matthew & Brendalee Allen
Kingdom Minded Fellowship Center Int’l

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