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Your weekly horoscope for January 12 - 19
By Adah Deveaux
Jan 11, 2015 - 11:55:39 PM

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March 21 - April 19

You will find your vital energy very weak this week particularly when pursuing traditional, Aries; with your ruler Mars in Pisces. Your focus now could turn to more spiritual things like your hopes and dreams, desires and secret projects. Realism will be important in planning for these dreams as you are more inclined towards pie in the sky idealism. This would be a good time to take up yoga or meditation, and you may feel inclined to volunteer. Be wary of law enforcement and water activities this week.

April 20 - May 20

You could find yourself attracted to someone older than you or different from your normal preferences. Someone who has prestige and a successful career could appeal to you. Your charm is evident to those around you, and you could start a romance with someone you work with. Your communication can be more exciting and unusual and you will revel in social interaction. You are more likely to take risks now especially pertaining to your career, however, be careful because hidden forces could shake things up in a not so positive way for you.

May 21- June 20

Being in contact with people different from you, especially foreigners and travel can bring excitement. You are more unusual and inventive in your thinking and find it easier to grasp difficult concepts, and should use this energy to further your studies especially in philosophy and law. Fast paced events and things that can help to relieve your nervous tension are good to pursue this week, along with art and beauty. Perhaps you should go rock climbing in a beautiful country side on a trip?

June 21 - July 22

You may experience emotional imbalance this week, Cancer. What you want and need could in conflict. You may have emotional outbursts and pent-up tension. Your mood and plans could change in unexpected ways, so keep flexible. Be careful of messy entanglements with your significant other or business partner, even if it means you losing an argument. You are more prone to playing mind games and displays of jealousy, prompting others to walk on egg shells around you. Don’t let this energy cause a crisis in your life.

July 23 - August 22

You may experience emotional setbacks and frustrations this week. These problems may arise because of an internal conflict between what you want to do and need to do. Your rationality is reduced now and you are more impulsive. Now is not the time to make changes or you could feel stressed out and be unsuccessful in your undertakings. On the work front is where this behavior could manifest most, but this should blow over without too much backlash as you’ve been superb on the job lately.

August 23 - September 22

Friendly conversations with coworkers could occupy much of your time. You will be complimented more in particular for your work. It is well deserved because your attention for detail is heightened along with your perfectionism. Your inventive and original ideas are more accepted now also on the job and others are more willing to comply with your requests. Your work environment will be more harmonious at this time, and provide more opportunities for social interaction with your coworkers boosting your team spirit.

September 23 - October 22

Excessive amounts of money could be spent this week in the name of fun and romance. Your love life is rich now, albeit dramatic. You may attract partners who want to spoil you and you in turn spoil them. Long conversations and loving talks can be had now, and you will enjoy sharing your philosophical beliefs. Love interests could be found among your friends and social groups or on a trip. You are likely to gamble now also, but keep a watch on how much you spend.

October 23 - November 21

You will revolutionize the way you think and communicate this week. What you thought to be truth prior could be dismantled in your mind and found to be false. Pluto your ruler is transiting the communication sector squaring radical Uranus in your work/health sector. You will reevaluate and restructure your thoughts and free yourself from your mental limitations. However, there are forces at work preventing this, literally. Your work environment can be an impediment to the free speech you crave, perhaps forcing you to shake things up a bit on the job.

November 22 - December 21

Romance could bloom this week, with your ruler Jupiter opposing Venus and mars. With your love of travelling, short trips or long journeys with your sweetie may be right up your alley. Apart from trips, communications with your sweetie can be especially sweet, reestablishing faith in not only your relationship, but your individual goals. Make sure to budget accordingly for these trips as you don’t want to break the bank, remember the month is only half over!

December 22 - January 19

You will want to get your financial and social life in order this week, Capricorn. These two areas of your life have been at odds lately. Have you been trying to save but your friends keep inviting you to dinner or other costly social activities? Or have you seen an increase in your social life accompany a decrease in your bank account balance? Learn to curb excess and perhaps suggest free activities like going to the beach for your next outing.

January 20 - February 18

You may conjure up creative ways of earning money, Aquarius, as your ruler Uranus is still in the money sector. You will want to be financially independent and do your own thing. Unseen forces however could dwindle your income and impede on your plans. Your desire to change your financial state is strong, but don’t try to transform your finances overnight with over the top schemes or you run the risk of losing it all. Slow and steady is best.

February 19 - March 20

Your confidence and vitality could be low this week, along with feeling disappointed and confused on what direction to use force. You find it hard this week to be completely honest and forthright, and instead you may choose to mislead. Your will and ability to overcome obstacles is weakened and you should avoid directing energy into initiating ventures and instead focus on creative endeavors. Now is a good time for solitude, reflection and service towards others.

Adah Deveaux is an apprentice of Tametryo Brown and Star Dates. She has been been practicing astrology since she was 12 years old and has since made it her career path.

Tametryo Brown has been studying Astrology for over 10 years. His company Stardates Global is dedicated to helping people find their soul mates through self discovery and the science of astrology. He runs a Stardating company in Nassau, Bahamas. His knowledge of astrology and human personalities go beyond his age. His scientific predictions have touched the lives of many across his homeland and abroad. Tametyro is also a certified hypnotherapist from the Hypnosis Medical Institution/ American Hypnosis Association (HMI/AHA) where he still continues to further his studies in hypnosis.  He has helped many clients realize  their life's purpose. He can be reached stardatesbh@gmail.com  Phone: 1-242-466-6613

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Message from the Stars - Tametryo Brown
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