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MARS: Sexuality in the Signs
By Tametryo Brown
Nov 2, 2013 - 11:20:06 AM

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This week we are focusing on how the planet Mars displays our sexual nature (sex drive).

In astrology Mars indicates a person’s sexual nature. The great passion! In a woman’s chart, it displays what kind of MEN she attracts and is attracted to. In a man’s chart it shows how he flirts to get a woman. It also indicates a sense of impulsiveness, aggressiveness, courage, action, will-power, enthusiasm, and even negative traits such as impatience, temperament, violence and conflict in a person’s cart. Mars energy also motivates and drives a person to accomplish their dreams and goals in life.  In order to find out What Sign your Mars is in your chart, you can insert your birth data into the Chart Generator above. (If you do not see the Converter above CLICK HERE)


Those with Mars in Aries are confident, highly competitive, aggressive, courageous, enthusiastic, bold, honest, and are never afraid to take a stand. Never one to back down, as a rule, they are hot-headed and often irate about something. Though the temper is hair trigger temper; their anger does not last long. Mars in Aries can offset low self-esteem aspects and shyness in a chart. This placement also gives health, much energy, and strong vitality, but is common with having headaches. If there are other Aries planets in the chart and/or an emphasis on fire signs, there can be much self-centeredness and a lack of awareness regarding the needs of others. These people are fighters and enjoy combat and friction. They are born leaders. Mars in Aries is bossy and pushy, often with a big mouth. Your sex drive is very strong, and you are easily aroused. You like spontaneous sex, and are addicted to the conquest. You can be quite selfish and quick in bed, and may not be fond of foreplay due to your impatience. These people are the wham–bam thank-you-mam kind of people. To turn them on you can massage the head or the face. But during sex they love for their hair to be pulled. Just hope that you have enough energy to go again because just as fast as they finished that love making session is as fast as they would want to go again. In a woman’s chart she is attracted to the kind of men that are down right bossy and have an element of confrontational in him. The aggressive type is what she likes. He gets straight to the point and do not beat around the bush.

MARS in TAURUS: People with Mars in Taurus are sensuous with a strong sexuality. This placement gives determination and endurance. Their energies are focused on acquiring material possessions and wealth.. Mars in Taurus is jealous and possessive by nature in regards to love. Their sex drive is extremely strong. To a Mars in Taurus person it feels as if they need sex like how a human need his breath. They always follow their sexual feelings no matter what, so they have this approach to sex that, to some people would be considered a little to open. They have a pretty good notion about what it takes to bring pleasure to others. Even in the most permissive of societies, their very primitive and earthy approach to sex may be just too much for polite company. Consequently, you often find people with Mars in Taurus leading double lives. Sex becomes their “dirty” little secret, an activity relegated to the underground where they can be as bad as they need to be They would rather not have to own up to the true extent of their sensual appetites. They have this feeling that good sex equals a good relationship. To turn these people on try first to please all of their senses. Feed them (they will ask for food trust me), provide good music, a movie, and nice soft bed for them to lay down, and you have a sex all night partner who is ready to go until you are done. If you do not take this route then it is going to be a long night because it takes a whole lot of foreplay to get them aroused. Women with this placement are attracted to men that have a little weight on them. Also men that have some material wealth really catch their eyes.  These people are considered the nymphomaniacs of the mars tribe. Kisses on the neck also are a turn because their neck is their erogenous zone.

These people are talkers. They love to talk and to express themselves. They can be fidgety and become bored easily, being high-strung with an abundance of nervous energy. Women with this position are attracted to lovers who are highly intelligent and communicative. They can be inclined to cheat when in a love relationship, especially if they feel they are not being treated well, or if they grow bored, much like the men who have Venus in Gemini. The mind is active and there is a fondness for word puzzles and similar games that engage the mind. Mars in Gemini is good at argument. These people can be prone to indecision and often change their minds and stances on different topics, especially if there is an emphasis on mutable signs in the chart. The energies are focused into communications and intellectual activities. Mars in Gemini is not favourable for staying power and many who have this placement often begin projects of which they get bored with and are off to something new; finishing very little. This placement gives dexterity and physical coordination, especially if other placements in the chart support this. The key to understanding the Mars in Gemini Lover is to recognize that sex is not essential to this individual. When sex is available they can revel in it without reservation or conscience, but when it isn’t or when sex becomes problematic for some reason, then this Lover can quite comfortably do without. Because sex is essentially an idea for them, their sexual energies are easily redirected or rethought. And because sex carries no deep, personal or emotional baggage for these folks, they can look at it without prejudice or shame. Typically, though by no means always, these Lovers are very experimental in sex. In a man’s chart there can be a trait of homosexuality in them. They can be very promiscuous of all the Mars in the signs. To turn them on you have to actually talk to them about sex and put it in their mind. Their hands are their erogenous spots. So give them hand massages as well. When these people talk they have the tendency to talk with their hands.

MARS IN CANCER: They can be moody, touchy, easily upset, and volatile. The men often have trouble expressing softer emotions. Both sexes are inclined to hold grudges. These people can be very emotional when it comes to sex. As a matter of fact they always have to have the feeling of love and emotions tied to the sex act. They can have a very bad temper. Most of their energy is in arguments in the home. Their feelings are always on the line, no matter how much they try and deny it, and they are easily wounded. For this reason Mars in Cancer Lovers tend to be happier when they are conservative in their sex lives. Unfortunately, the intensity of their sexual feelings, both on a physical and an emotional level, often makes it difficult for them to be conservative enough. You can find them being very whiney when they don’t get the attention they want. There is mostly always a conflict with the mom. The men are totally mama’s boys! And the woman attracts men that are totally mama’s boys. The women with this placement want a man that is nurturing and mothering and caring. They also love for their sex to be aggressive and ruff. Women with Mars in Cancer love for their breast to be a kissed and caressed. Men with these placements love for their woman to have large breast. In the end you will find that you will be mothered and some cases smothered in the relationship because they need reassurance that you will stay in their life. Their erogenous zones are their breast and chest.

MARS IN LEO:  These people have an enormous amount of personal pride. They are born show offs, and know how to impress others. They are natural leaders, are creative, and have a strong will. There is a need for independence and self-sufficiency. They expect complete and total devotion in love. Anyone who is in love with a Mars in Leo person should give him/her as much attention as is possible, for the relationship to be happy. There is much energy, willpower, and creativity. Mars in Leo gives acting ability. As with other fire signs, there can be self-centeredness, with a lack of awareness regarding the needs of others. This placement gives self-confidence, and can offset aspects that give low self-esteem. There can be exceptional talent in the arts and with music, especially if other factors in the chart support this. If you want to talk about possessive and jealous in a relationship then you can start here. These Lovers look upon sex as an important, even sacred, activity. Sex is, after all, an extension of their ego and it would be an offense to nature to keep it under wraps. So Mars in Leo Lovers always reserve the right to brag. There are times, of course, when this noisiness about sex conflicts with the essential conservatism of this type. For while these people love attention, they dread ridicule and embarrassment. This is why no one should take the bragging of a Mars in Leo Lover too literally. Pride always rules over truth in the stories they tell. Women are attracted to men that are very romantic and display a bigger than life attitude. Some one that is funny and can make them laugh. These women can be very selfish in bed. To turn them on you will have to give them full attention to their body as if you are worshiping them. Their erogenous zones are their back of their neck and their spine.

MARS IN VIRGO: The energies are focused on work. These people are competitive in their work, and make excellent workers. They have an eye for detail and are thorough. They are clean, neat, and organized by nature. Mars in Virgo can nag and criticize endlessly. They can point out and see faults in things and people that others often overlook and miss altogether. There is also a strong interest in hygiene and health. If other factors in the chart support this, there can be a tendency to hypochondria. Mars in Virgo is a perfectionist and can be very particular and fault finding. The digestive system is sensitive and there can be stomach upsets from worry. The temperament is often nervous and irritable. They find lazy people to be intolerable. They are responsible, reliable, and hard working. Mars in Virgo Lovers are often too quick to settle for easy sex—sex that doesn’t require struggle or emotional strain. At times this tendency induces them to stay in bad relationships simply because those relationships satisfy their physical needs. Mars in Virgo are the people that get off on getting you off. They want to be your sex slave. But you have to make sure you are clean first. Don’t ever get into a sexual situation with a Mars in Virgo person without first knowing that you are properly cleaned.  The women with this placement are attracted to stable men that actually have hands on jobs. Having the ability to perform massages like a masseuse is a plus in their books. Their stomach areas are their erogenous   zones.  Just gently rub them in this area will get you in positions that will have you begging for more.  You can thank me latter.

MARS IN LIBRA: These people can have a difficult time with being direct. They may hint at what they want and act out in certain ways that need to be interpreted and read by those who know them. They can hold their anger inside rather than inviting an open confrontation. Like Mars in Gemini, they can be prone to indecision and can change their minds often, along with their points of view and stances on things. They are at their best when in a loving supporting relationship. These people value cooperation with others, and can be peacemakers. They can be flirts in public, but they don’t mean too. Sex is not that important to them, just the pleasure of their partner. They like it when the sex act is fair, so you will get a complaint if you are holding up your end of the bargain. They really don’t like confrontation out in the public. They do not have a very strong sex drive but they will go all the way to please you. To turn these people on you can caress the butt area. Women with this placement love for their butt to be spanked in a sexual way. They are also attracted to men that are mostly light skinned and very mannerly and sociable. They can be darker skinned men but have to be very profound in the other two areas. Policeman and men of the law will attract these women as well.  Their erogenous zones are their Hips and butt.

MARS IN SCROPIO: Mars in Scorpio gives a very strong will and personal intensity. These people can see through the weaknesses of others. They can make for deadly enemies and have a strong sense of justice. They are vindictive and if someone wrongs them or a loved one, they will exact their revenge, even if it takes years. They do not forget an injustice. They are not ones to openly express their anger, but rather they smoulder. This position gives a talent for concentration, focus and for meditation. They are natural mages and many have a talent for black magic that is inborn, from previous lives. The sex drive is very strong and pronounced. Energies are focused on sex, spirituality, and occult subjects. When pushed, the anger can be like an overturned wasp's nest. They are possessive and jealous in their affections. They demand total devotion and loyalty in a love relationship. If this is betrayed, they can become deadly. Rarely neutral about anything, they are strongly opinionated and either love something or hate it. The emotions are very deep and intense. These lovers are very sexual and the woman normally attract men that are tall dark and mysterious. The mars in Scorpio lover love to be on top. Their erogenous zones are their private parts.

Mars in Sagittarius gives an honest nature. These people are adventuresome; they love travel, the outdoors, and are restless and energetic. Like Mars in Gemini, they can be fidgety, easily bored and they can have trouble sitting still for too long. They often feel they are invincible and take high risks, as Sagittarius is the sign of gambling. Their optimism and confidence many times bails them out of even drastic situations. There can be problems with gambling and impracticality, in repeating the same mistakes and not learning from past experiences. When sublimated, energies are focused into higher education and learning. These people can be life-long students. Mars in Sagittarius gives natural athletic ability and a love of sports, especially of other factors in the chart support this. They are direct, blunt in their communications, opinionated and have strong beliefs. Most mars in Sagittarius people take sex as a sport. Not wanting any restrictions in love. They love to have sex in open areas. The women are attracted to the sports looking type, the type of men that look like they work out regular. The women with this position can either fall for a teacher, or philosopher. They are turned on by the hip area.

MARS IN CAPRICORN: The energies are channelled into the career and professional ambitions. They can start out small but end up in very high positions. Mars in Capricorn gives a methodical nature, along with plenty of perseverance and endurance. This placement can offset the scattered energies and lack of follow through of planets in mutable signs. There can be workaholic tendencies, along with a talent for business. Much effort can be put into attaining a position of status. Like Mars in Taurus, these people are focused on material and financial gain. They are efficient, practical, responsible, self-disciplined, and reliable. Like Mars in Virgo, they have very little patience with those who are shiftless and lazy. They can be cold, calculating, usurious, and selfish if the energies of this placement are not sublimated, or of other factors in the chart encourage this. There can be problems with the bones, skin and teeth.

MARS IN AQUARIUS: Energies are focused on friends and group activities. These people prefer teamwork to working alone. They are very individualistic and enjoy the unique and eccentric. Justice and fairness are extremely important to them. They value their independence and freedom. If others attempt to control them, they will react and rebel. They are attracted to humanitarian concerns and often work to make positive reforms that are helpful to society. This placement often gives scientific ability, with a strong interest in the future, technology and the advancement of humanity. They have little patience with old outworn modes of doing things, structures, and like to replace these with new and better methods.

MARS IN PISCES: Those with Mars in Pisces are often shy, withdrawn, and even timid. Like those with Mars in Libra, they can have a difficult time expressing their anger. The aggressive and assertive tendencies of Mars are watered down in Pisces. There is often a lack of self-confidence and the ability to stand up for one's self. The vitality is often low. They can be reclusive and withdrawn, unless there are other planetary factors to offset this. In extreme cases, there can be celibacy and a denial of physical pleasure. The sensitivity is very pronounced. These people can be prone to being used and dominated by others. They are compassionate and empathetic towards the sufferings of others. Energies are often channelled into fantasy and daydreaming. This placement can give artistic talent, a strong sense of idealism, and refined tastes in music and the arts. Mars in Pisces weakens the nature, especially if there is an emphasis on mutable signs in the chart.

Tametryo Brown has been studying Astrology for over 10 years. His company Stardates Global is dedicated to helping people find their soul mates through self discovery and the science of astrology. He runs a Stardating company in Nassau, Bahamas. His knowledge of astrology and human personalities go beyond his age. His scientific predictions have touched the lives of many across his homeland and abroad. Tametyro is also a certified hypnotherapist from the Hypnosis Medical Institution/ American Hypnosis Association (HMI/AHA) where he still continues to further his studies in hypnosis.  He has helped many clients realize  their life's purpose. He can be reached stardatesbh@gmail.com  Phone: 1-242-466-6613

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