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Columns : Letters to The Editor Last Updated: Sep 20, 2018 - 1:47:37 PM
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Columns : Letters to The Editor
Pamela Burnside: Ball of Confusion - Nov 6, 2016 - 8:05:24 PM

Dear Editor,

There is so much confusion going on in our country, it is overwhelming! Once again we have indeed become a ‘nation for sale’! It is truly a frightening state of affairs when each day brings to light another confusing debacle being perpetuated by “gubment’s” total mismanagement of the country’s affairs and purse.

The following is a list of some of the many serious issues that now face the Bahamian people:

Protection of Bahamian sovereignty: Examples abound showing how the gubment is being dazzled and hypnotized by the dangling of monies before their myopic eyes!
Columns : Letters to The Editor
Bahamas needs to introduce a strong Freedom of Information Act - Nov 6, 2016 - 11:27:05 AM

Transparency International, the global anti-corruption movement, and its partner organisations in the Caribbean, including Citizens for a Better Bahamas (CBB), call on the government of the Bahamas to introduce strong Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation.

A FOI Act is a powerful tool in the fight against corruption. It empowers citizens by giving them a mechanism to gain answers to questions they have about how their country is governed.  A FOI Act promotes government transparency and accountability, and mitigates any perception of corruption within the government...

Columns : Letters to The Editor
"Prime Minister Christie's assurances ring hollow" - Nov 6, 2016 - 11:24:00 AM

Foreign Direct Investment is one of the many tools for economic growth, but Mr. Christie’s assurances that he will “protect Andros” agriculture and fisheries from Chinese Government exploitation rings hollow.

In fact this proposal harkens back to former FNM Agriculture Minister Tennyson Wells’ secret proposal for long line fishing that was met with equal opprobrium.

Since these “investment” ideas are pieced together in secrecy the Government is obviously not confident that they can include Bahamians in their proposed policies in their infancy for fear of recrimination...
Columns : Letters to The Editor
Pamela Burnside: Say What 3? - Oct 19, 2016 - 12:17:32 PM

Following the disastrous aftermath of the monster Hurricane Matthew and the need for hundreds of millions of dollars ‘to fix the country’, it is unbelievable to hear talk about the possibility of a ‘hurricane tax’ to be levied on us, the already suffering public, when we have been constantly bombarded with evidence of the blatant, irresponsible spending by government of OUR monies over the past several years: e.g. travelling first class here and there all over the world with huge entourages of useless friends, families and lovers whilst staying in the most expensive hotels and wining and dining on OUR dime; spending millions over budget for carnival foolishness; losing millions upon millions in government ministries from ‘tiefing’ public servants with no recompense or prosecution; and the list goes on and on like there is no tomorrow, whilst we are teetering precariously on the financial cliff of ruin!
Columns : Letters to The Editor
Pamela Burnside: Say What 2? - Oct 1, 2016 - 9:20:32 PM

Dear Editor,

Here we are, recently downgraded, teetering precariously at the cusp, faced with the very real danger of falling off the financial cliff into financial ruin whilst we wait in line for another financial evaluation in a few months. Enter the pompous carnival chairman, who, after throwing away tens of millions of our dollars from the public purse over the past two years for another disgraceful and useless weekend party, blithely and blatantly fixes his mouth to declare “I’ve said from the first day I took on this position that this is not a profit exercise, it has never been and it never will be.”

How incredibly stupid and financially irresponsible!

To all of you who were out there all night drinking and jumping up and down, and on the street wining up, how much of that “multiplier effect” and “economic impact of S70 million” have you been able to put in your pocket and take to the bank...
Columns : Letters to The Editor
Pam Burnside: Say What? - Sep 28, 2016 - 12:00:00 AM

The public was left flabbergasted yesterday when a news report was delivered describing the damaging effects to electrical equipment and appliances that result from constant power cuts and inconsistent power surges, which were blamed for crippling PMH’s surgical efficiency for the past several weeks!

Wow – what an amazing revelation - this unprecedented delay in understanding can only be attributed to the fact that the rabbit hole must be powered by solar energy!
Columns : Letters to The Editor
Kirkland “KB” Bodie: "Carnival Fables & Fairy Tales" - Sep 8, 2016 - 12:40:24 PM

Dear Editor,

There is a recently released movie, a true story entitled, "Florence Foster Jenkins". This film aptly describes the state of leadership in our country today to a tee. Just like Aesop's fables, and many of the fairy tales we grew up on, those tales seem to be manifesting right before our eyes. From "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", to "The Tortoise and the Hare", to "The Emperor's New Clothes", all the way to "The Dog and His Bone".

With that being said it all brings me to my main point, we seem to have a certain section of the media that is simply regurgitating misinformation given by our elected so-called leaders, especially when it comes to this Carnival debacle. They seem to not be digging deeper and asking the relevant questions...
Columns : Letters to The Editor
Rick Lowe: Negotiating economic harm - Sep 5, 2016 - 8:01:46 AM

Continually “negotiating” with government over the terms of negative public policy and suggesting this process helps make a bad public policy more palatable at the outset, is as corrupt as the bad policy itself.

Claiming victory today over lessening the policies impact is pyrrhic and does not remove the negative effects of the policy, nor does it prevent the government from changing and making the policy even more burdensome in the future..
Columns : Letters to The Editor
Bannister: Pray For Our Children - Sep 4, 2016 - 8:15:39 PM

Nassau, Bahamas - On Monday our precious children will return to schools throughout our country that are in the worst state of disrepair in modern memory.  Several of the school campuses are in such a woeful state that they are downright dangerous.

It is telling that this government has prioritized the spending of millions of our hard earned tax dollars on a weekend party called Carnival, but refuses to make a similar investment in the education of our innocent young children...
Columns : Letters to The Editor
Mr. Blackburn and his quest to Digicel-ized the Bahamas - Sep 3, 2016 - 11:39:50 PM

Dear Editor

This is one of the most sordid stories on alleged corruption involving a 2016  US presidential candidate foundation and Haiti's largest private investor Digicel lead by its CEO at the time Damion Blackburn on the vulnerable people of Haiti. Because in this case, an entire country that was already one of the world's poorest nations suffered a terrifying disaster with Digicel and this US based "Foundation" was only too happy to act like saviors while taking advantage of the poor people of Haiti at their greatest hour of need...
Columns : Letters to The Editor
Pierre Dupuch Questions Proposed Government Health Monopoly - Sep 1, 2016 - 11:50:31 AM

What is the difference between a government monopoly and a private monopoly?

What is the difference between a socialist and a capitalist?

Every time you turn around, somebody is complaining about the "Government."

What they should in fact be complaining about is the creation of government monopolies.

We should be careful not to jump from the frying pan into the fire by becoming so anxious that we are prepared to change the government monopoly and substitute it with a private monopoly....
Columns : Letters to The Editor
Cedric Moss responds to Dr. Duane Sands - Sep 1, 2016 - 10:50:35 AM

Dear Editor,

I read with sadness comments attributed to Dr. Duane Sands in which he shared his belief that the law against abortion in The Bahamas should be amended to permit abortions in cases where microcephaly has been identified. Dr. Sands has repeatedly called for abortion to be made legal in The Bahamas, so while saddened by his microcephaly comments, I’m not surprised by them. Actually, I wonder if his recent comments are part and parcel of his back door approach to seek to have our law against abortion repealed in a gradual way.

Dr. Sands seems to believe that if an unborn baby has a birth defect, or is simply unwanted, he or she should be aborted (meaning, legally murdered). Thus, to my mind, Dr. Sands does not value babies in the womb. But more than that, he does not seem to fear God, the Creator of all babies...
Columns : Letters to The Editor
Pam Burnside: Down the Rabbit Hole, Part 3 - Aug 24, 2016 - 3:43:40 PM

“AbracaDAbra!” shouted the Emperor perched atop a golden podium securely mounted on the armoured tank. With a flick of his voluminous red silken cape and a dramatic flourish (worthy in motion to his junkanoo shuffle) of the magic wand held firmly in his right hand across his upturned silken black top hat, the air was immediately filled with thousands of sparkling fireworks shooting straight up into the darkened Moody night sky, along with plumes of thick white smoke befitting the importance of his announcement! He would not be outdone by the fireworks of the recent Olympics, especially since he was wearing his golden replica!

His subjects, pressed excitedly against the metal barriers, turned their heads upwards to the sky to watch in jaw-dropping amazement as the stupendous fireworks erupted and crackled in thunderous abandon against the darkness...
Columns : Letters to The Editor
What about government’s foreign workers? - Aug 23, 2016 - 11:28:02 AM

The Department of Statistics recently released work permit details for the private sector. A total of 9,208 permits were granted for 2015. All this confirms there is no need for our xenophobia. For the economy to grow, the country needs even more foreign expertise.

Of course this concept will never be uttered by the immigration department. In fact at the close of an otherwise factual press release, the usual worn script is offered up. You know how it goes. Something like “the Department of Immigration’s job is to “Bahamianise” the work force...
Columns : Letters to The Editor
"Who is Damion Blackburn CEO of Newco? Why are you here?" - Aug 19, 2016 - 11:40:54 AM

Dear Editor,

There are major allegations of corruption that involved political figures in the Haitian government and a Digicel funded government tax on education program.  

Digicel Haiti, at the time was under the leadership of Damion Blackburn, now CEO of NewCo, which financed the campaign of Michel Martelly who later became President of Haiti.  Digicel Haiti also financed the government tax on education program called the National Fund for Education(FNE), which many have stated appeared to be a case of bribery and corruption...
Columns : Letters to The Editor
Pierre Dupuch asks questions about National Health Insurance - Aug 15, 2016 - 3:07:51 PM

Several nights ago I watched the House of Assembly on TV when Members debated the controversial National Health Bill. Health is an emotional, personal thing and the Members took full advantage of it.

They waxed and they tacked and very emotionally presented the case. But they wasted our time and the taxpayers money, because we all believe in health care for all. We only disagree on how we accomplish it.

In a press statement, the Minister was quoted as saying there will be no taxes AT THIS TIME, and that it would be free to the public AT THIS TIME...
Columns : Letters to The Editor
"Lightbourn’s fault is being white" - Aug 14, 2016 - 12:19:21 AM

Dear Editor,

For the past forty years in this country, the complaints have been that too many teenaged girls were having babies, that they had too many children and that they had them for too many different men who did not contribute to their maintenance and took no part in their upbringing.

Over the past forty years and continuing today, too many of these children born to unwed mothers have become the scourge of criminality, who have clogged and backlogged the court calendar, are seen daily doing the famous “Bank Lane Shuffle" and have caused an overcrowding at the prison in Fox Hill...
Columns : Letters to The Editor
On the "Succession of PM" - Aug 11, 2016 - 11:54:11 AM

Dear Editor

We must appreciate that in our small country, we have much learn to and even more to experience. In the past 49 years we have only seen 3 Prime Ministers and 4 leadership races which led to a change in leader within one of the two major political parties. As a result, it is safe to say that we have not fully explored the limited possibilities of succession of a PM in the Westminster system. Perhaps it may be best to consider these possibilities:

1. The PM leads his Party into the general election and his party loses. This effectively makes him the Leader of Opposition, but traditionally...
Columns : Letters to The Editor
"Sears - A Non-Parliamentarian as Leader of a Party? " - Aug 10, 2016 - 12:07:23 PM

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the announcement by Mr. Alfred Sears, QC which made all the major headlines to challenge PM Christie for leadership at the PLP’s convention in November. I must state that it remains to be seen whether the PLP will have a convention after not having one since 2009, thereby in my opinion intentionally stifling the voice of its members.

For what it’s worth, Sears’ move shows that he is the only person in the PLP who has the courage and fortitude to stand up against Christie and stand for democracy. After all, a convention is the forum in our two party system to challenge for the position of leadership to lead our great nation...

Columns : Letters to The Editor
Johnson: "Say goodbye to Whatsapp with the New Cell Company!" - Aug 10, 2016 - 6:17:37 AM

Dear Editor

Yep, if NewCo under its new "Digicel" leadership functions like its counterparts in Bermuda, St. Lucia and Jamaica, then WhatsAPP will be no more!

The messaging application phenomenon that has grown by leaps and bounds, and WhatsApp is the leader of the pack.  Almost every Bahamian use this application in their daily communications.  But this app that many have grown to love, may  come to an end under the "Digicel Bahamas" group disguised as the Cable Bahamas, NewCo cellular company.

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