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Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha Last Updated: Jul 19, 2023 - 4:32:10 PM
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Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
The first step to helping - Jul 20, 2009 - 12:05:05 PM

This week was a very encouraging week for animal lovers, especially for me as we finally saw a definite interest in the rights of animals to live pain-free and cruelty-free lives. This interest came in the form of the press getting hold of a horrible story where a man, on Step Street, Fox Hill, Nassau, confronted his girlfriend (and the mother of his one year old child). When she managed to get away from him he allegedly turned on her family pet and shot the animal, a large crossbreed, in the stomach twice, and killed him. 

This senseless killing appeared to spark more interest than usual, and the local press was “all over it”. I received countless phone calls and was invited onto several news programmes. I even did a LIVE interview during ZNS news.  Please don’t get me wrong, I have no personal interest in having “air time” or being known, my ecstasy on being on TV (four times in one week) is because of the exposure it gave the animal cruelty situation in the Bahamas. I feel that perhaps it has been a bit of a wake up call that we should all pay mind to...
Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
Turtle Week in Nassau - Jun 10, 2009 - 9:49:23 PM
The Bahamas Sea Turtle Conservation Group had a marathon 72 hours starting on Monday June 8th through until late on Wednesday June 10th.The kick off event was a lively interview with Kim Aranha and Jane Mather (two of the three co chairmen of The Bahamas Sea Turtle Conservation Group:  Debbie Krukowski being the third co-chairman), on the “Daily Boil” with Chrissy Love…There was a lot of serious talk laced with laughter and light banter. However the bottom line was very serious…Turtle week had started and The Bahamas Sea Turtle Conservation Group had various events planned to enlighten the country as to why we MUST stop the slaughter of sea turtles in this island nation of ours.

On the evening of Monday June 8th, in spite of heavy ran almost all day, a few minutes before 7:00pm the clouds parted to show a blue sky with a strong presence of “brother sun”. The light was vibrant over Rawson Square as people gather to celebrate a candlelight vigil in honour of the sea turtles...
Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
Buddy's story part 9: Buddy is a big boy now - May 9, 2009 - 4:59:47 PM

It has been really a long time since I wrote anything about Buddy and what he has been up to. He successfully turned two years old back in March, and is probably one of the sweetest boys in the world. A blunt nosed, inquisitive, happy, floppy Labrador, his good disposition causes him to get his chew stick stolen by the other dogs frequently. He has figured out that the best way to deal with this dilemma is to rush into whatever room I am in and franticly jump up on me (taddle tail!), I now know what this is supposed to mean, I quickly hand him a new chew stick and he runs into the other room with a jaunty step where his two friends are, showing off the newly acquired chew stick, and throwing it up in the air in triumph as if to say “naadi, naadi no ho….mine is better than what you stole…..
Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
Put a Little Love in Your Heart - Mar 30, 2009 - 8:35:35 AM

Driving along the coast road the other day, roof down, sun shining, the beautiful Bahamian water off to the left-hand side of my car, I listened to the words of the radio blaring out my beloved “Oldies”; music that reminds me of those golden days of being young and carefree without a responsibility in the world (tell me about it !!!).

I don’t usually really LISTEN to the lyrics of the music, just the entire sound and beat, but all of a sudden I honed into what was being sung.

"Think of your fellow man. Lend him a helping hand. Put a little love in your heart"...

Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
Turtles - Part Two! - Mar 8, 2009 - 4:03:54 PM
AND SO HERE WE GO AGAIN!! Bahamian supported NEEDED!

Once again I turned to the general public for assistance and support, and once again, I am totally overwhelmed by the instant and positive response of those I contacted by email in the wee hours of the morning on Friday the 6th of March.

I was so utterly miserable and disappointed when I learnt that the total ban of turtle harvesting was not a law, but just proposed and had not been passed. We had all put so much heart, soul, time and money into this campaign and I for one, somehow or other, thought that it was approved and signed, sealed and delivered…. how wrong was that?
Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
Travelling with your Dog - Feb 17, 2009 - 9:23:07 AM

When you have a dog in The Bahamas and you need to take that animal to the United States, do you know what is required of you?  Or do you suddenly panic and scamper around the place phoning everybody and getting all sorts of different “very helpful” answers and then spend the rest of the day trying to sort out through the rubble as to which person actually got it right?

Well, relax; it is really not as complicated as it sounds. My sweet Abigail, who is now 13 years old, was recently diagnosed with melanoma. This is not quite as terrible as it sounds because recently a new vaccine has been developed and some vets are in a position to administer it on a bi-weekly basis..

Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
An Unusual Evening - Jan 13, 2009 - 9:39:50 PM

Tonight at the Nassau Yacht Club a very unusual event is taking place.

Unusual for two reasons. One it is a lecture on a subject that has been shunned by many for some time now. Mr. William Fielding, of the College of the Bahamas, will use statistics showing a correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence. This is a topic that even some of the nation’s most intelligent erudite citizens have tried to deny. I should know. Because only last year I was insulted and ridiculed by a certain sports writer for saying that animal abuse led to domestic violence. I believe the gentleman in question, who was defending Mr. Michael Vick, went so far as to say that everybody knows that is not a fact….really? Will he have the guts to show up tonight? He has been invited; I spoke to him on the phone myself. I do hope that he will accept the peaceful invitation I personally issued to him...
Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
Gee Wiz it's Christmas ! - Dec 23, 2008 - 6:54:09 AM

Gee Wiz it’s Christmas….

Here we go again. It seams like yesterday that I wrote an article about the pit-falls and dangers of a perfectly innocent and family event like C H R I S T M A S!!

When I last wrote about this Buddy was a little dog of a year old and his partner in crime was two year old Chief… well a year has gone by…and now I have a two year old Buddy with his partner in crime Chief who in near to three years old and, you know what…. not a thing has changed!!! NADA!!! ZIP!!!

Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
The Priviledge of Pet Ownership - Nov 19, 2008 - 8:27:40 PM

So much has been written on this subject that I truly wonder if should even consider tackling it!

I have often had the fleeting thoughts of how lucky I am to own so many pets and of such diverse nature and then the phone rings, or the microwave beeps, or somebody needs me (probably one of the dogs!) that I am never quite able to totally finish the thought. So I thought that, perhaps, if I set out to write about it I just might be able to put down those scurrying thoughts in an orderly fashion and be able to savour the true joys of pet ownership...
Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
Buddy's Story: Part 8 - Buddy grows up!! - Oct 28, 2008 - 1:05:55 PM

Wow, how time flies… Buddy is over 18 months old. It seams just like yesterday that he was a rather round ball of soft fur waddling around on the floor looking up with soulful eyes to be lifted and carried and loved.

Well, not much has changed except his size. He is still looking up with those amazing melting black eyes asking for a constant cuddle and thinks he is a lap dog, and would be happy to be carried.

Most of his endearing characteristics have remained, with a few new ones thrown in too. Unfortunately, the bad habits have stayed too. Perhaps that is my fault, but he is still so very cute that I find it very difficult to get cross with him and even more difficult to say NO! Even when he has put his paws up on the kitchen table, poised to steal (No, not steal, that is too big a word), to “borrow’ something to eat!

Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
Why can't we be more like Europe? - Oct 5, 2008 - 1:43:23 PM

Oh dear”, said the lady in front of me at the cash register in the large Swiss store Manora, “Where are you, Dolly?”. I immediately looked expecting to be searching for a small child, probably adorned with an over sized pink bow in her hair…Dolly ! The well dressed lady looked around the corner and with a little squeal of “delight” went into a litany of baby talk, seconds later a bear like Bernese mountain dog, big flat tail wagging, lumbered over to her ecstatic owner, leash attached to her collar, dangling down. The beautiful 140-pound Dolly had been sleeping whilst her owner paid for her purchases. The shoppers in the large Department store stepped around or over Dolly without a backward glance….this is life in Europe, if you have a dog. Fast forward to a similar picture in the Bahamas or even the United States of America…. You can’t! Why? Because, it just would NOT happen. If it were in the Bahamas all the other shoppers would be backing off and asking with true fear in their voices: “He bite?”. If it were in the United States of America health inspectors would descend upon you within minutes demanding you move the dog immediately because of “sanitary and health issues...”
Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
A simple love letter of thanks... - Sep 16, 2008 - 11:01:10 PM

Hurricane Ike left a trail of destruction in its’ wake. Homes, businesses, fields, roads, were all destroyed or damaged.

Relief work started up quickly, Bahamasair flew heads of Government Departments on a special flight with NEMA officials aboard. There was a flurry of activity. Within days there were collection depots all over the town of Nassau to collect clothing, bedding, and food for those effected by the ravages of the storm. The charter section of Nassau International Airport was full of activity. Boxes, and pallets of supplies lined the walkways as harassed pilots and porters alike tried to safely load as much cargo as possible into one plane. Everything had been thought of, the plane doors closed, the planes lifted off, carrying with them hope and promise of a new day dawning with food and dry bedding…..that is, for the humans...
Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
A Tribute to a Prince amongst Dogs - Sep 8, 2008 - 2:16:03 PM
He came to us on October 19th, 1995, a mere pup, black, furry and about the size of a teacup. His impeccable white paws earned him the name “Spats”.  He was a little apprehensive on that first day in our house, everything looked so big to him, even 2-year-old Scott and just turned six (the day before) year old Paul looked like giants.  The house was a little quiet that day because eight-year-old Merlyn, a beautiful Bullmastiff, had lost her fight against lymphoma (cancer) the day before. We didn’t want another puppy right away, but Dr. Poad had found this little person wandering alone on the, then new, Sandy Port Bridge. We went to meet him at Dr. Poad’s home and as soon as I picked him up he snuggled into my neck, of course he came home with us. The boys were excited, he was exhausted and slept and slept for the first few days, then he realized that he was home, perked up and never looked back...
Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
Can Goldfish Show Love? - A look at Animal Companionship - Jul 28, 2008 - 9:38:25 PM

Have you ever spent time looking at how animals interact? Today I received an email from a friend featuring a film clip about motherhood and exceptional mothers. It showed various mother animals nurturing baby animals of a different species: A female dog suckling a litter of kittens, a cat nursing a fawn, and a leopard giving warmth to a baby baboon whom it had orphaned by killing it’s mother for food.

All these particular stories show a most definite trait of compassion amongst animals.

They day before yesterday I was driving along Robinson Road, and was stopped at a busy cross-section, there were two Potcakes standing on the corner, obviously intending to cross the street. There were cars everywhere, trying to push through, horns blaring, and tempers rising. The dogs made several attempts to cross; finally one made it safely over, the other dithered and ran back to the original corner...

Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
An Interesting letter to the Pet Pages Column - Jul 7, 2008 - 10:44:06 PM

I have recently been getting quite a few letters from my readers and they are all very encouraging and many of then contain interesting real life animal stories.
 I particularly wish to share one with you. To start with: the look on this little guy’s face is just so cute, who could resist such a face?

Thomas Laws wrote me from Atlanta a couple of weeks ago,

"Dear Kim,

I own a Royal Bahamian Pot Bull or Pit Cake named "Wazza" - he hails from the city of Freeport in the Bahamas.  He is currently 5 months old.  (Estimated time of birth Feb 1 2008). I was told that he was rescued out from under a dumpster when he was only a few weeks old behind either a grocery store or a "target" in Freeport.  I adopted him from a potcake rescue group a few months ago here in Atlanta where I live..."

Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
What makes you qualified? - Jun 16, 2008 - 11:10:53 AM

A few days ago somebody asked me what qualifies me to be the President of the Bahamas Humane Society. At first I was a bit taken aback. It seamed, on face value, a very forward question that bordered on being rude. After stammering for a few seconds, I gathered my wits, and then went into a lengthy, in fact, far too lengthy when I look back on the incident, dissertation of my “qualifications”.


I returned home from Rome in 1980 and ran the BHS office in the afternoons, I reinstated the Bahamas Humane Society ball “Evening of Elegance”, I was principal fund raiser for ARK, I have been on the BHS board for several years….I love animals, I own tons of pets, I have homed hundreds of animals, and so I babbled uncomfortably on, justifying myself to this alarmingly simple question, posed to me by somebody who was probably wearing diapers when I first came home and worked the office of the Bahamas Humane Society...

Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
Homes Needed! - May 28, 2008 - 9:14:21 AM

It’s not easy being a dog and some times even harder in the Out Islands.

There is a very a very dynamic group called Pet Pals in Eleuthera are trying their best to help. It is a battle against time. Every day there are more and more unwanted puppies and kittens born into hopeless situations. There are instances where the dogs are poisoned because they are being a “pest’ which means doing what comes naturally, barking, chasing chickens, or chewing up stuff...

Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
Bahamas Humane Society "Fun Day" Report - May 7, 2008 - 11:19:04 AM

Wow! The Bahamas Humane Society really pulled out the stops and put on a wonderful day with the dogs!

The event took place at the Botanic Gardens and kicked off at 11:00 in the morning. There were countless food stalls: Pizza & Patties, Jerk (delicious and spicy), conch Fritters (loaded with conch), hamburgers and hot dogs (cooked in the Rotary mobile Kitchen van) and an exotic stall manned by the Sheraton Hotel. The Bahamas Humane Society had a delicious bake and bring stall of donated goodies brought by various supporters and board members…Chocolate cup cakes, ginger bread puppies, brownies, muffins, cookies and more…..there was cotton candy & popcorn, candies could be found at Mortimer’s candy stall and at the German Candy stall….Calories galore!!!! Rotary manned a bar, fully loaded and of course there were all sorts of soft drinks...

Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
Animal News - Bits and Pieces... - May 2, 2008 - 11:16:50 PM

Sometimes there are lots of different things to say about various different topics and I think to myself,  'how can I possibly put all of these things in one article?'  Then I have to try and figure out what is the most important thing to discuss and what can afford to be left behind. Why I wonder, did it take me close to a year to figure out that time to time I could write an animal news, a bits and pieces article, touching more than one thing?

Who knows what touched me to suddenly be enlighten me, but it did and so here we go...


Columns : The Pet Pages - Kim Aranha
Happy 1st Birthday Buddy - so much love in one little body! - Apr 8, 2008 - 6:28:24 PM

A few days ago our sweet wriggly black
Labrador ,  “Buddy” celebrated his 1st birthday. Belonging to a crazy family like ours, Buddy had a Birthday party! Oh yes! I see the raised eyebrows now! Is she nuts? Why he is “just” a dog! With all the problems in this world, remembering a dogs birthday! Well, I never!

So, I figured, precisely, with all the problems and horrors in this world; we need to come down to basics and celebrate the simpler things in life, the sweet and happy things in life……..like…..Buddy’s 1st Birthday...


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