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Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell Last Updated: Nov 21, 2018 - 12:19:07 PM
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Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
The Pow Wow: A Taste of My Native Heritage - Sep 20, 2012 - 9:16:14 PM

It's been a fast year back after returning to my homeland of Canada from Grand Bahama Island.  I've since noticed the many ways my country has changed during my absence of 13 years. The biggest change was the noticeable influx of cultures from all over the world.  The area I live in is predominantly being migrated to by Persians and Asians. I know this because of the people I see each day in my elevator, by those I pass on the street, and by the many businesses set up or popping up all around me that have these ethnic influences. I hear a multitude of languages just walking around my neighbourhood...
Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Thank you Turks and Caicos Magazine! - Aug 24, 2012 - 10:13:49 AM

Coquitlam, BC, Canada - It's been one year since I relocated back to my homeland of Canada and things are going very, very well.

The Bahamas Weekly is humming along and we have discovered that with a Canada bureau and Bahamas based bureau, we are far more effective as a news entity.

I was surprised one day when I went to collect my mail, and discovered the beautiful glossy 8 x 11' Turks and Caicos Magazine!
Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Cultural Violence and the Rights of Women and Children - Mar 7, 2012 - 6:52:55 PM

Back in 1996 I came across a Reader's Digest magazine article on the Taliban and their drastic and tragic dominance over the women of Afghanistan. As a woman and new young mother, it was heart-wrenching to read how the sudden oppressive actions of this group were dominating and changing the lives of women in that country, women who previously had 'normal' lives. They were forced to cover themselves completely with burqas and were stripped of their freedoms, careers, but mostly their dignity.  I was so horror-struck by this article, that I tore out the pages, photocopied it 50 times and snail mailed it to most of my family and friends. I simply wanted people to know what was going on.

We rally for the rights of animals, we rally for the rights of those of different colours of skin or race, but do we rally for the basic rights of human beings? How long do women and children have to be treated like dogs, or worse, 'rabid dogs'...
Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Pageantry in The Bahamas (PART 3): Theodore Elyett's Miss Teen Bahamas - Mar 3, 2012 - 11:55:41 AM

Continuing in my research and findings on pageantry in The Bahamas with Part 3 in a series. Stemming from my curiosity and trying to find answers to my so many questions like: Does the Bahamas have too many pageants? Is there money in pageantry? How does one live off of pageantry, and is that even possible? What benefits do they offer their country? or the queens?

I figured there had to be some misconceptions so I canvased for opinion online and then went to those in the know.   In this (Part 3) I share responses from an interview with Theodore E. Sealy, CEO / National Director,
Theodore Elyett’s Miss Teen Bahamas® Beauty Pageant , the 27 year old successful Founder/President of Theodore Elyett Productions® ...
Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Pageantry in The Bahamas (Part 2): Miss Bahamas Organization - Jan 13, 2012 - 12:20:47 PM

I continue my research and findings on pageantry in The Bahamas with Part 2 in a series. Stemming from my curiosity and trying to find answers to my so many questions like: Does the Bahamas have too many pageants? Is there money in pageantry? How does one live off of pageantry, and is that even possible? What benefits do they offer their country? or the queens?

I figured there had to be some misconceptions so I canvased for opinion online and then went to those in the know.   In this Part 2 I share responses from an interview with Michelle Malcom, President, Miss Bahamas Organization who's background in pageantry is extensive and dates back to 1978. She competed in pageants (Miss Bahamas, Miss GHS); hosted a number of ...
Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
The Transformation of Christmas - Dec 22, 2011 - 8:42:44 PM
We all Learn and Grow by Experiencing One Another's Cultures

Raised Catholic, Christmas was always a very special time in our family and involved going to midnight mass, readings about the virgin birth and resurrection, decorating the tree and our home, opening multiple presents, and feasting and relaxing together.

Today Christmas is celebrated in many ways, or not celebrated at all. I am noticing more and more people turning away from the tradition. Perhaps due to the economy, perhaps its over commercialization, or lack of 'Christ', and perhaps because others are not of the faith or culture that celebrates Christmas. The cultures of the world are most certainly mixing in North America and neighboring countries
Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Pageantry in The Bahamas: Does The Bahamas have too many pageants? - Nov 25, 2011 - 11:19:12 AM

When I moved to The Bahamas from Canada I knew very little of pageants other than Miss World or Miss Universe.  Through my work with TheBahamasWeekly.com and with the help of social media, I quickly became familiar with the many pageants going on in The Bahamas. I learned that through these pageants the Bahamian queens were able to go off to international locations to compete globally, so therefore pageantry was not only rampant in The Bahamas, but more-so world-wide.

My first thought was that The Bahamas had way too many pageants, and I felt pageantry in general were an exploit of women. I felt pageants featuring young girls wearing makeup and heels were simply uncalled for...

Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Parental Alert: Cough Syrup - Sep 23, 2011 - 12:46:01 AM

As I was going through my house, packing for our upcoming exodus from our home of 8 years, I came across a guitar case in a place I did not expect... it was in my laundry area hanging behind other items.

Memories flooded back of that time.  The day my daughter came out into the main area of our home and threw the guitar case into the middle of our lives... where her pain already was showing itself, mixed in with ours... The guitar, partially zipped open and full, had a gaping view revealing a myriad of empty cough syrup bottles and empy boxes of cough syrup pills...she was only fifteen years old.
Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Crossing Borders - Sep 9, 2011 - 4:10:31 PM

Many times I've walked the beautiful beaches on Grand Bahama I would often think about the island’s first people. The Lucayan Indians must have certainly thrived in harmony and communion with nature, as it is such a wonderful place to live, with resources from the ocean and the varied eco-systems to sustain their lives adequately.

The coming of the explorers from Europe, namely Christopher Columbus, must have indeed been a shock to the Lucayans.  It is still unknown as to how they were greeted by Columbus, but today there are no Lucayan Indians to pass on such stories, and we can only assume that Columbus annihilated the Lucayan Indians, as he went on to do with so many other native tribes of North America...

Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
A conversation with Pierre-Yves Cousteau - Jan 16, 2011 - 9:20:17 AM

Freeport, Grand Bahama - I had the pleasure of meeting Pierre-Yves Cousteau during his recent trip to The Bahamas to promote and educate on shark conservation. He came to Grand Bahama with a senior associate of the PEW Environment Group, and two members of the Bahamas National Trust (BNT) based in Nassau. He was visiting the Bahamas to show his support for the BNT’s campaign to strengthen the protection of sharks in The Bahamas, and he gave a public talk at Trust's Rand Nature Center on January 10th.

We met for breakfast the morning he was to head back to Paris where he lives and I had the pleasant opportunity to pick his brain...
Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Happy New Year! - Dec 30, 2010 - 5:06:21 PM

Happy New Year from Robbin's Nest! The New Year is an exciting time of renewal, second chances (okay maybe third, fourth & fifths!), reflection and refocusing.

Every Year I list my accomplishments. I suggest you try it as you will be amazed at what you have done in one year, and then I write my goals for the New Year. I make them as detailed as possible with a target date for completion, and then I do my best to not guilt trip myself if I don't make them all.  

Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Give Thanks - Nov 25, 2010 - 4:43:25 PM

One year an idea came to my mind, and so I took a piece of poster paper and placed it up in a common area of our home.   I wrote in big letters at the top of it, “I am thankful for…” and left a black marker there for anyone to use. I added a couple words straight away myself. I’ve enjoyed walking past this poster each day as my four children add what they are grateful for onto the paper.   Some things surprise me, but they all make me smile. Life is good!

We usually take a few minutes during our Thanksgiving dinner to state out loud around the table what we are thankful for.  It brings meaning to eating so abundantly and makes us remember the less fortunate, family, and friends and what life is truly about.

But Thanksgiving is just one day, and we can give thanks any day of the year...

Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Toss it IN...the BIN! - Sep 29, 2010 - 6:40:01 PM

On my morning run I passed by two workers from Sanitation Services along the road collecting trash that had been tossed, likely out of windows of passing vehicles. How lucky we are to have these men who clean up after us! I call out to them, “Hey you are doing a great job!”, and they look up and smile. I keep on my pace thinking that this job should not be necessary, all but perhaps once a year. Are we now dependent on these workers to clean up after us? Does it reduce the garbage and promote the tossing?

In many countries it is against the law to litter. Large fines are the outcome. Living on an island the trash can only remain here with us, or worse make its way into our ocean, and head off perhaps to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Luckily we have a great waste receptacle called, Sanitation Services. I toured their Pine Ridge Landfill facility when I first moved here with my children. It is quite advanced, and I’d encourage each and every school to tour their local garbage management facility in order to educate our youth about ecology and the responsibility each of us have to keep our home, island, world clean...

Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Meanderings on Menopause... - Sep 8, 2010 - 2:35:47 PM

As my children get older and mark their own milestones, they become profound reminders of my aging.
Although life has been fast and furious up until now, and there seems no end in sight to the exciting things it has to offer, as a woman, I've noticed the changes my body has gone through as I am aging.

I recall when my mother went through menopause. She had seven children, and although I was young, there was a dark time in her life, and I was consoled by my father with the simple short words, "She's going through a life change. It's called menopause."  My oldest sister offered me more information, as I was quite worried about my mother who seemed to be teary and blue for days and days at a time. My big sister told me it had to do with not being able to have children any more. I was pleased with that as I had such a large family, I could not see another sibling entering our lives...
Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Woman in Action: Robust Robbin - Aug 26, 2010 - 2:01:21 PM

The popular bi-weekly newspaper of The Bahamas, The Punch did a feature on me today for their "Woman in Action" column. I'd like to share it with you. Here is what they wrote:

(The Punch, August 26, 2010) Robbin Whachell ls the editor, administrator, and co-founder of TheBahamasWeekly.com, an online news, community, events, sports, arts, culture, entertainment and Information source about The Bahamas which also provides a weekly email to Its subscribers. When asked why she choose this career path she notes:" My career chose me. I moved to Grand Bahama Island during the time when everyone was getting computers and painfully learning about viruses and email etiquette. I felt compelled to share information with my friends on my email address list. As I shared information my list grew...”
Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
A moment in the life of Firstina Baillou - Mar 3, 2010 - 12:40:34 PM

Firstina Baillou passed away 2 weeks ago at the age of 104. I learned this through Chantal Bethel who just shared her remarks from the Grand Bahama Business Outlook which took place in Freeport last week.

I was sad to hear of her passing, but at that age death is imminent. I am blessed to say I knew Firstina Baillou, a resident of Sweetings Cay. Well I didn't "know her", but I shared a moment with her, a very special moment.

I was invited along last year to Sweetings Cay with Chantal Bethel, Laurie Tuchel and Lauren Austin to interview a 103 year old woman...
Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Yes, it gets COLD in The Bahamas! - Jan 13, 2010 - 11:45:01 AM

I remember some 12 years ago when we were planning our move to The Bahamas, we'd been told many times by our then one and only friend living here, that all we'd need is a light sweater in the winter months, and only for the evenings.

As a mother of four, and when you are trying to downsize your entire life to move house, and bring what is only absolutely necessary, I recall the bags and bags of clothes from my four children (then aged 2, 4, 6, and 9) as well as my own clothes I handed off to my sister-in-law who lived in the same city and had three kids of her own.

I took anything with  long sleeves, wool, leather, mitts, hats, scarves, warm coats, all my wonderful flannel sheets and pjs and gave them away... I was moving to a tropical paradise and I felt good having no more use of these 'things'.
I was sure that we packed a light coat or sweater and one long sleeved something...
Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
New Year's Evolution - Dec 31, 2009 - 5:57:19 AM

A new year is upon us, and it is usually that time of year to reflect on where we we are at in our lives. Many love to take this time to create their resolutions for the coming year, while pessimists may say, "What is the point? You are only going to stop doing them anyhow...!"

I feel that IF soooo many people are taking time to go inward, reflect, and attempt to make change, that this time of year must be a positive one for the entire planet. It is said that 'thought has energy'. If millions are thinking to make change, do good, commit to self and others, than a positive shift must certainly be eminent each year at this time...

Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
Competition - Apr 24, 2009 - 11:01:43 AM
Robbin's Nest

We have heard it so many times….”Competition is Healthy”.

Where would Coke be without Pepsi? McDonalds without Wendy’s? Stop and please think about it….and then applaud competition with me!

Our competition can make us who we are today. Competition gives us something to ‘model’ after and purpose to strive to do better. You may be reading this and rattling your head over some stiff competition in your life…

Columns : Robbin's Nest - Robbin Whachell
The Air Parade - Feb 9, 2009 - 10:10:05 PM

“Pusssssht…..pussssht…..pussssht” came into my dreams.

“What is that?”  I thought as I rolled over still half asleep in my rod iron bed.

That sound again, “Pusssssht”.

I quickly concentrated on the dream I was having. No, it was not in my dream… that sound was an awake sound.

“Pusssht..” I heard again.

Then I thought I heard people talking. I opened my eyes and looked at my clock. It was 6:45am. It was a summer holiday Saturday in my home when I was about twelve years old.   We lived on an acreage on the top of a hill, which overlooked the beautiful Sturgeon Valley...  

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